10 Cake Fails for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers rejoice! Or should we say run away? Here are 10 canine-inspired cakes that are as terrifying as they are appetizing. From full-bodied frosted pups to the real-life heads of prized pooches, these cakes are enough to make you happy to have man’s best friend sitting on your couch, instead of on your kitchen table.

  • Paws-itively Imperfect 1 of 10
    Not so sure this is what McGruff meant when he encouraged kids to take a biteout of crime.
  • A Bone to Pick 2 of 10
    Nothing says "your a dog" like...well...a birthday cake that says "your a dog."
  • A New Leash on Life 3 of 10
    Everytime she reached in her purse, she was surprised by the rag tag icingpooch.
  • Let Us Paws to Reflect 4 of 10
    Warning: witch who turns dogs into cakes is still on theloose.
  • Ruff Stuff 5 of 10
    I can't. Literally can't think of a thing to say for this cake.
  • Don’t Flea! 6 of 10
    Don't look him in the eyes. Do.not.look.him.directly.in.the.eyes.
  • Re-Pug-Nant 7 of 10
    They say there's only one way to eat a short-leggeddog. Okay, they don't say that, but fingers crossed there's not a second version of this cake.
  • Collar Me Scared 8 of 10
    He couldn't wait to ask his wife where to hang his prize doghead.
  • Shear Terrier 9 of 10
    The best way to keep the kids from being terrified of the cake? Put a pink bow on it.
  • Gone to the Dogs 10 of 10
    As if Kitty Litter Cake wasn't lowenough.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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