10 Classic Snacks From Childhood My Kids Also Love!

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Sometimes the best way to come up with great food ideas for our kids is to think of what we loved ourselves back in the day! In all honesty, I hadn’t really thought about this when it came to snacks until fairly recently. Thankfully, I finally put two and two together and realized that what Young Jane loved is exactly what Grown-Up Jane’s kids also love!

Today we’re going to take a walk down memory lane and get some old-school snack inspiration!

  • Old School Snacks My Kids Love, Too! 1 of 11
    classic snacks kids still love

    These simple snacks have stood the test of time — see for yourself! 

  • Round Butter Crackers with Cottage Cheese 2 of 11
    butter crackers with cottage cheese

    This was hands down my favorite snack as a kid! I loved how it tasted. As a mom, I still love this recipe. Cottage cheese is a good, nutritious snack plus it's simple to throw together. Bonus: My kids love it, too! They'll eat anything on butter crackers, so I might as well make the cracker topping a healthy one!

    To make: Place round butter crackers on a plate, and top each cracker with a spoonful of cottage cheese. That's it! Enjoy!

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

  • Fish-Shaped Cheddar Crackers 3 of 11
    homemade cheddar goldfish

    Who in the world doesn't love cute little fish-shaped cheddar crackers? As a kid, I loved it when my mom would hit the food outlet to stock up on those little fishies. Today, my kids can eat them by the handful!

    Kids are especially going to love being able to make these cheesy treats at home! Get the recipe here. The best part of making homemade cheddar crackers is you can decide the shape! Check out these completely adorable fish cutters as well as lots of other fun animal-shaped cutters!

    Photo Source: Kelsey Banfield

  • Ladybugs on a Log 4 of 11
    ladybugs on a log

    I never liked celery as a kid, but for some reason I loved "bugs on a log." You know — the classic snack made from celery sticks, peanut butter and raisins. My kids are the same way I was! The peanut butter and raisins help them overlook the fact there is celery involved with this snack! Okay, so maybe I didn't ever eat much of the celery and my kids don't either, but at least the peanut butter and raisins make for a healthy, filling snack in their own right!

    In our family we have evolved this snack using a new ingredient and giving it a new name. Get the recipe for 'Ladybugs on a Log' here!

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

  • Fruit Flavored Snacks 5 of 11
    mott's fruit flavored snacks

    Oh, fruit flavored snacks! This was a special snack in my house growing up and I loved  these fruity, chewy treasures, and took any opportunity I could to get my hands on them. My kids are the same way. A box of fruit flavored snacks lasts about 10 seconds in our house! We really like the Mott's® Fruit Flavored Snacks around here because the ingredients are all-natural, and there are even some veggie juices in there too! Definitely an improvement over the fruit flavored snacks I had as a kid!

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

  • Graham Crackers 6 of 11
    homemade graham crackers

    As a kid we always had graham crackers in the cupboard. They were a snack staple that I never got sick of, especially with a layer of chocolate frosting sandwiched between two crackers! I think graham crackers were the first snack food I ever bought for my own kids, who also eat graham crackers no matter the situation!

    Make your own delicious homemade graham crackers with this recipe, and maybe even break out of the box and use different-shaped cookie cutters to add a little excitement to this simple snack!

    Photo Source: Brooke McLay

  • Pudding Cups 7 of 11
    pudding cups

    While butter crackers with cottage cheese may have been my favorite wholesome, savory snack as a kid, pudding cups (or canned pudding) was definitely my favorite sweet snack! Seriously, chocolate pudding from a can or in a little plastic cup was my achilles heel as a kid. You could have probably gotten me to do anything in exchange for that chocolatey goodness. Am I surprised that my kids are as equally in love with pudding cups as I was? Not one bit!

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

  • Caramel Corn 8 of 11
    caramel corn

    When I was a kid I loved caramel corn in any shape, but I do remember caramel popcorn balls being especially popular! This is a snack I don't make often in our home. Not because it's difficult to make it's actually quite simple to throw together. I have to resist making it often because my kids and I both can put down a whole bowl in no time! 

    Here's a simple recipe for caramel corn!

    Photo Source: Brooklyn Supper

  • Fruit Leathers 9 of 11
    mango lime fruit leather

    Fruit leathers, store-bought or homemade, were another favorite snack of mine when I was a kid. I am beyond pleased that my kids love them as much as I did, especially because there are a lot of fruit leathers at the store without added sugar. My mom had a food dehydrator when I was a kid and went through a phase when she made fruit leathers a lot. I loved them!

    This recipe for Mango Lime Fruit Leathers looks especially delicious, and you don't need a dehydrator to make the magic happen!

    Photo Source: Jaime Richardson

  • Canned Mandarin Oranges 10 of 11
    mandarin oranges

    If we walk by the canned mandarin oranges at the grocery store, my kids always ask for them. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I did the same thing when I was a kid. I remember thinking that canned mandarin oranges were the most delicious fruit on the planet! 

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

  • Meat and Cheese Roll-Ups 11 of 11
    meat and cheese roll-ups

    A childhood snack recipe I learned from my mother-in-law is roll-ups! Whenever any of the kids or grandkids are hungry, she opens the fridge and starts rolling!

    Get the recipe for meat and cheese roll-ups!

    Photo Source: Jane Maynard

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