10 Clever Uses For a Tea Towel

After receiving a gorgeous hand printed tea towel years ago, I started collecting them. There are so many pretty options out there – and know what I’ve discovered? That they’re too nice to keep stored away in a drawer. So think beyond “drying dishes” with these suggestions!

  • Tea Towels Are Not Just For Drying Dishes! 1 of 11
    babble tea towel cover page

    Linen and cotton tea towels are pretty, practical and have so many uses!

  • Keep Your Leafy Greens Crisp 2 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel crisp greens rolled

    Keep leafy greens fresh by rolling them in a tea towel after washing. Store in your crisper drawer till ready to use.

  • Not Your Grandma’s Dish Rack 3 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel draining

    Put away that ugly plastic rack and use a tea towel for drying your dishes!

  • Keep Muffins Warm 4 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel muffins bowl

    Line a bowl or basket with a pretty towel to keep muffins, biscuits and rolls warm at the table!

  • A Comfy (and Handy!) Pot Holder 5 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel oven mitt

    Fold up a cotton towel to protect your hands while handling hot pots and pans. It's more comfortable than an oven mitt, and can serve as a makeshift trivet too!

  • Keep Cutting Boards In Place 6 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel rolling pin board

    When rolling out cookie or pie dough, place a lightly dampened tea towel underneath your cutting board, to keep it from moving around while you work (leave a little overhang toward the front, for wiping dirty hands!).

  • An Alternative to Plastic Wrap 7 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel gift wrap

    A pretty tea towel makes for a unique wrapping for a pound cake or tea loaf!

  • Wrap a Wine Bottle in Style! 8 of 11
    cotton and flax wine bottle wrapped tea towel

    Forget those metallic gift bags - wrap a wine bottle in a pretty towel instead; the towel will be appreciated long after the wine is served!
    Image courtesy of Cotton & Flax

  • No More Wobbly Mixing Bowls! 9 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel mixing bowl

    Use a rolled up tea towel to keep mixing bowls from slipping and wobbling, and free up both hands too!
    Read how on Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Give a Lovely and Distinctive Gift 10 of 11
    tea towel set printing grounds

    A set of pretty tea towels makes a lovely hostess, teacher or thank you gift!
    Get these handprinted tea towels at Printing Grounds

  • A Unique Apron! 11 of 11
    donuts dresses and dirt tea towel apron

    Add a belt, and a tea towel does double duty as an apron!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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