10 Cocktails and What They Say About You

Have you ever wondered what your cocktail choices say about your personality? Does your preference for daiquiris over a vodka tonic give clues into your happiness, your cheekiness, your love of life or lack there of?

I’ve always been intrigued by how your cravings, your likes and dislikes and your food preferences can be tied to personality traits, life experience and your brain in general. Someone out there needs to get the bartenders in on a study to see if they can lend insight into how cocktail choices and personalities are connected and what insights and clues it lends to who you are as a person.

  • Bloody Mary 1 of 11
    You enjoy a late brunch and a a snack while you drink. You are also conscious of how you look and like to take care of yourself, even when nursing a hangover.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Babble's Family Kitchen.)
  • Cosmo 2 of 11
    You take cues from the in crowd, following along as Carrie Bradshaw tells you to. You want to be hip, and you may even achieve it.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Oh Go.)
  • Gin and Tonic 3 of 11
    You're as serious about your drink as you are about your advice: straightforward and honest with no bells and whistles.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Three Many Cooks.)
  • Margarita 4 of 11
    You're first to dance or stand up for karaoke, and you know just how to vacation with plenty of relaxation and pool time.
    Make your own (recipe via Babble's Family Kitchen, photo credit: The Gloss.)
  • Martini 5 of 11
    You're serious and sophisticated, and you like to be in control.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Drink of the Week.)
  • Mint Julep 6 of 11
    This drink brings to mind southern porches and old men with white mustaches, but you could just be longing for a simpler time when the world moved slower and sitting on the porch in the evening was commonplace.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Yum Sugar.)
  • Mojitos 7 of 11
    You love adventure and new things, and the thrill of the unknown gets you through the day.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Musings of a Housewife.)
  • Sangria 8 of 11
    You're sweet and sassy, and you enjoy hanging out with the girls.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Dine and Dish).
  • Pimm’s Cup 9 of 11
    From Europe or longing to be, or perhaps you're just in love with HBO's Boardwalk Empire.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via My Recipes.)
  • White Russian 10 of 11
    You're a trendsetter, much like "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski, who has his own underground cult following.
    Make your own (recipe via Monkey See Videos, screen capture credit: Big Lebowski).
  • Beer 11 of 11
    A bonus for those who reach for a beer instead of a cocktail. Beer may mean you're laid back and easygoing, but not if you're a craft beer drinker. These people could be adventurous and discerning.
    Make your own (photo and recipe via Backyard Beer.)

What’s your cocktail of choice?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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