10 Colorful Springtime Easter Salads

Easter is one of those holiday’s that’s full of color and welcomes us into springtime, but the food can look a bit bland with browns and beige and a bit of pink thrown in. This Easter instead of serving the standard side salad or veggie that your guest will forget about, try creating a spring salad. This will make your Easter supper table look happy, bright and colorful and leave your taste buds begging for more…

  • Spring Salad with Grapes and Pistachio-Crusted Goat Cheese 1 of 10
    Grapes are a great addition to a spring salad and they go nicely with goat cheese and pistachio's.
    Get the recipe for Spring Salad with Grapes and Pistachio-Crusted Goat Cheese at My Recipes
  • Spring Salad With Jasmine Flower Vinaigrette 2 of 10
    Who wouldn't want to eat a salad made with jasmine flowers. It's like a bouquet on your plate and perfect for Easter.
    Get the recipe for spring salad with jasmine flower vinaigrette at Taste
  • Salad for a Sunshine-y Day 3 of 10
    This salad is more fruit than green and it's so colorful it will have all your guests begging for the recipe.
    Get the recipe for salad for a sunshine-y day at Poet In The Pantry
  • Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Perfect Poppyseed Dressing 4 of 10
    This salad is so simple to make with just 4 ingredients, spinach, strawberries, almonds and the amazing poppyseed dressing that just takes it over the top.
    Get the recipe for spring salad with jasmine flower vinaigrette at spinach & strawberry salad with perfect poppyseed dressing
  • Mint-Lime Spring Green Fruit Salad 5 of 10
    Who said a salad must be all veggies. This one is fruit with mint making it the perfect compliment to your Easter ham.
    Make your own mint-lime spring green fruit salad
  • My New Favorite Salad 6 of 10
    I love the dark lettuces used in this salad and topping it off with pomegranate adds just the right touch.
    Make your own new favorite salad
  • Watermelon and Berry Spinach Salad 7 of 10
    More fruit and spinach, by now you've discovered how well the two go together and how delicious it is to mix some fruit with your greens.
    Make your own watermelon and berry spinach salad
  • Spring Vegetable Panzanella 8 of 10
    Spring vegetables mixed with bread for an Italian twist.
    Make your own spring vegetable panzanella
  • Spring Salad with Watercress Dressing 9 of 10
    This salad has sliced potatoes, beans, asparagus, prosciutto and pecorino cheese. All of those ingredients are making my mouth water.
    Get the recipe for spring salad with watercress dressing at BBC Good Food
  • Crunchy Spring Salad 10 of 10
    This will get your little bunnies hopping with carrots, radish, apple, cucumber and raisins.
    Get the recipe for crunchy spring salad at Delicious Magazine

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