10 Convenience Foods that Make Life Easier – and Healthier

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I love spending time in the kitchen – most often, cooking is a pleasure, rather than a chore. But there are days when time is limited, and reverting to convenience foods is just too – well, convenient. Fortunately, convenience and health aren’t mutually exclusive; beyond the frozen dinners and packaged mixes there are real, whole, nutritious foods streamlined to save us time, without costing us our health. See below for some of the mostĀ convenient, healthy foods everyone should have in both their pantry and fridge!

  • Deli Roast Chicken 1 of 9
    Deli Roast Chicken
    There are so many things you can do with a roasted chicken from the deli - like this quick panini, which makes use of bagged spinach greens as well.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Canned Chickpeas and Other Beans 2 of 9
    Canned Chickpeas and Other Beans
    A can of chickpeas costs about a dollar, and they're loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. A quick rinse and they're ready to go in these barbecue cranberry chickpea wraps.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Bagged Greens 3 of 9
    Bagged Greens
    Prewashed bagged greens make it so much easier to throw together a salad - make it more substantial with leftover roast chicken or cooked shrimp, a poached egg, cheese, nuts - even juicy fruit. Or try this Pear Salad with Walnuts and Feta.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Canned Tomatoes 4 of 9
    Canned Tomatoes
    Having good-quality canned tomatoes at the ready in your pantry means a fast sauce from scratch - in the same time it takes to cook your pasta! Try this classic Turkey Bolognese.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Quick-cooking or Frozen Rice 5 of 9
    Quick-cooking or Frozen Rice
    Quick to cook or thaw from frozen, rice provides the base for this nutrient-dense rice bowl - or make a quick fried rice with egg, veggies, and leftover chicken, shrimp or pork. The above Mushroom & Kale Rice Bowl is vegan, too.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Pitas 6 of 9
    Fresh or frozen, a bag of pitas can be transformed into quick pita pizzas, torn and served with hummus or other dip, or stuffed like these Summer Thyme Quinoa Pita Pockets. Use your imagination!
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Dry Pasta 7 of 9
    Dry Pasta
    Dry pasta is a classic pantry staple - and is so useful when you need to get dinner on the table fast. Orzo in particular cooks quickly - try it in this Spinach, Tomato & Orzo Soup - with canned tomatoes and bagged fresh spinach! It's real food fast.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Frozen Pastry 8 of 9
    Frozen Pastry
    OK, the pastry itself isn't a nutritional superstar, but it's easy to thaw and unroll, then fill with tons of veggies, eggs and cheese and bake into a quiche that's perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and makes for delicious leftovers. Try this springy Asparagus and Ramp Quiche.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Frozen Peas 9 of 9
    Frozen Peas
    A bag of frozen green peas can be found in most home freezers, but they're often overlooked as a quick, nutrient-dense dinner ingredient. High in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, these legumes are nutritional powerhouses, and take just minutes to prepare. Try this Pesto Pasta with Peas & Cherry Tomatoes.
    Family Kitchen has the recipe!


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