10 Easter Lamb Cake Inspirations

For many of us Easter brings back memories of our moms baking a traditional lamb cake for the post ham dessert. Then bringing this beautiful treat out for everyone to enjoy, it really does make for a special dessert. I’ve found 10 varieties to help inspire you to create your own, whether it’s white chocolate curls, pipped frosting, coconut, or for the cake decorator challenged a super easy cupcake!

  • Lamb Cake 1 of 10
    This cake was made by a mom with her 18 month old little girl. That alone is inspiring.
    Get the recipe for lamb cake at Cooking With My Kid
  • Easy Peasy Easter Lamb Cupcakes 2 of 10
    I could absolutely pull these off, love an easy alternative to a seemingly challenging task.
    Make your own easy peasy Easter lamb cupcakes
  • Wilton Lamb Cake Ideas 3 of 10
    For those of you with some cake decorating skills out there here are some beauties to inspire.
    Get inspiration for Wilton lamb cakes at Wilton
  • Easter lamb Cake 4 of 10
    I really like the look of the frosting on this cake and the directions use a box cake mix for a shortcut.
    Get the recipe for this Easter lamb cake at East European Food
  • Easter Lamb Cake 5 of 10
    This lamb cake has the cutest face and the pipped on frosting swirls make it even happier.
    Get the recipe for this Easter lamb cake at Cookies in the Cupboard
  • Easter Lamb Cake 6 of 10
    If creating frosting swirls is not your thing do what this mom did and cover it with coconut.
    Get inspriation for this Easter lamb cake at Simplified Bee
  • Lamb Cupcakes 7 of 10
    How cute are the black jelly bean legs? Cupcakes are fun and the decorations seem a bit more manageable.
    Get the recipe for this Easter lamb cupcakes at Food Network
  • Sitting Lamb Cake 8 of 10
    If creating your own proves to be too big a task, order a lamb cake!
    Order this this Easter sitting lamb cake from Sugar Mom Treats
  • Butter Lamb 9 of 10
    This may not be a cake, but it sure will look pretty on the table.
    Get the recipe for butter lamb at Cap'n Ron's
  • Vegan Easter Lamb Cake 10 of 10
    Go ahead and have your vegan cake post ham and scalloped potatoes because it's just as good, if not better than the regular version.
    Make your own vegan Easter lamb cake

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