10 Easy Cobbler Recipes

Cobblers are my favorite summertime dessert, and the only thing better is finding an easy recipe or a new way to serve it up. I definitely found some cheater versions as well as some new and quirky ways of making it. Keep reading for all the recipes…

  • 5 Minute Blackberry Cobbler 1 of 10
    The easiest, cheater, from scratch recipe around. There's no pre-made biscuit dough, and it still only takes 5 minutes (there might be a microwave involved :)).
    Make your own 5 minute blackberry cobbler
  • Fill-In-The Blank Cobbler 2 of 10
    I love the fill-in-the-blank because it's true, lots of fruits (stone fruits and berries are best) can be subbed in most cobbler recipes.
    Make your own fill-in-the blank cobbler
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler In A Jar 3 of 10
    Super cute in a jar, and it takes way less time to cook.
    Make your own strawberry rhubarb cobbler in a jar
  • Shortcut Blueberry Cobbler 4 of 10
    Using a pre-made biscuit mix cuts down on the ingredients needed.
    Make your own shortcut blueberry cobbler
  • Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie 5 of 10
    A cool and refreshing drinkable cobbler? Must try this!
    Make your own blueberry cobbler smoothie
  • Peach Cobbler In A Mason Jar 6 of 10
    This may not be as quick as my five-minute version, but with a little patience it looks worth the wait.
    Make your own peach cobbler in a mason jar
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Cake 7 of 10
    Is it a cobbler or a cake? Looks like both cravings can be satisfied here!
    Make your own strawberry rhubarb cobbler cake
  • So Easy Peach Cobbler 8 of 10
    It is so easy with the use of pre-made pie crust for the top.
    Get the recipe for so-easy peach cobbler at My Recipes
  • ‘Raw’ Peach Cobbler 9 of 10
    You don't have to do any cooking or heating up of your kitchen during the summer with this recipe.
    Get the recipe for ‘raw' peach cobbler at Raw Food Recipes
  • Easy Cherry Cobbler Recipe 10 of 10
    Mmmm, I've never made cherry cobbler, and this recipe calls for cherry pie filling so it can be made all year long. Love.
    Get the recipe for easy cherry cobbler recipe at Spanglish Baby

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