10 Easy & Effective Food Resolutions for the New Year

10 Easy and Effective Food Resolutions for 2013

It is the resolution time of year and I’ve made quite a few of my own. A lot of them have to do with losing the baby weight once the new baby arrives later this month. I also want to get physically fit with a lot of gym workouts, write a good second cookbook, and be a good mother to my newly expanded family. This year I am also making ten food resolutions that, I think, will be easy to make and will effectively help me and my family live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve chosen these because I know that it doesn’t necessarily take extreme measures to make good diet choices. Each one of these resolutions are definitely achievable and I intend to do my best to take each of them into consideration every single day. Here are the food resolutions I’ll be making. What are yours?

  • Focus on Buying Organic Food 1 of 10
    Focus on Buying Organic Food
    I believe in buying organic but sometimes I can slip. This year I pledge to doubly commit to buying organic in order to reap the health benefits. Organic food contains increased micro-nutrients and healthy flavenoids. It is also grown in an environmentally friendly manner which means it doesn't pollute the waterways or damage soil.
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  • Eat More Dark Greens 2 of 10
    Eat More Dark Greens
    This year I want to eat more dark greens, they are rich in iron and antioxidants. Kale has become a very popular dark green and there are so many ways to prepare it. I plan try many of these delicious preparations in my diet this year!
    Try one of these 20 ways to eat kale
  • Improve my Daughter’s Eating Habits 3 of 10
    Improve my Daughter's Eating Habits
    My daughter is a good eater but there is always room for improvement. This year I hope to incorporate some more mature eating habits into her routine so she eats more like a French kid.
    How to teach your child to eat like a French kid
  • Give Up Diet Soda for Good 4 of 10
    Give Up Diet Soda for Good
    Sometimes I can't help but reach for a Diet Dr. Pepper. But this year I think will be the year I finally give up diet soda for good. There are no health benefits to soda and diet soda, despite the name, can even make you fat.
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  • Eat a Vegetarian Diet Twice a Week 5 of 10
    Eat a Vegetarian Diet Twice a Week
    This year I plan to commit to meatless Monday at least once or twice a week. Not only is this healthier for my family, it is also better for the environment. This delicious pasta meal would be a perfect, healthy dinner for a Monday night!
    Make spaghetti with chick peas and spinach
  • Eat the Rainbow 6 of 10
    Eat the Rainbow
    I love snacking on things like strawberries and clementines, but this year I plan to remember to eat the entire rainbow of fruits. Dark fruits like blueberries and grapes are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and shouldn't be skipped!
    Make rainbow fruit skewers
  • Stay Hydrated with Naturally Flavored Water 7 of 10
    Stay Hydrated with Naturally Flavored Water
    Instead of drinking heavily sweetened juices, this year I plan to start keeping pitchers of healthy naturally flavored waters in our fridge. Not only do they taste better but they are a great calorie-free way to stay hydrated!
    Make naturally flavored water
  • Eat More Yogurt 8 of 10
    Eat More Yogurt
    Instead of making heavy, fatty ice creams this summer I plan to make frozen yogurt instead. Lower in calories and full of natural probiotics it is much healthier and just as delicious!
    Make strawberry frozen yogurt
  • Skip Artificial Sweeteners 9 of 10
    Skip Artificial Sweeteners
    Instead of snacking on sugary flavored foods, this year I plan to skip the artificially sweetened stuff and eat natural yogurt layered with natural, more healthy, fruits.
    Make fruit and yogurt salad
  • Eat More Whole Grains 10 of 10
    Eat More Whole Grains
    I love things like banana bread and chocolate chip cookies but this year I want to incorporate more whole grains. By using more whole wheat flours I incorporate healthier, more natural carbohydrates and more complex protein into my food.
    Try these whole wheat banana muffins

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