10 Easy Hot Dips for Holiday Entertaining

Hot dips are perfect for serving up at holiday parties. They can easily please a whole crowd and they are easy to make. They are also very filling, especially when served with chips and breads, and there are so many varieties. For a fancy party I might do a crab dip. For a football party I’m more inclined to make a taco dip. Either way, they are fabulous and fun. Here are some great hot dip recipes you can serve up at your next event!

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    10 Hot Dips for Holiday Entertaining

    If you are planning a holiday party this month click through for some terrific hot dip recipes!

  • Hot Pub Cheese Dip 2 of 11
    Hot Pub Cheese Dip

    This easy hot cheese dip is perfect for winter parties. Make it in a fondue pot or slow-cooker and keep it warm for the entire party.

    Photo: Town House Crackers

  • Warm Artichoke and Spinach Dip 3 of 11
    Warm Artichoke & Spinach Dip

    This amazing artichoke and spinach dip is perfect for popping in the oven just before your friends come over. Warm it up and serve it with crackers or toasted bread!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Black Eyed Pea Dip 4 of 11
    Black Eyed Pea Dip

    This easy dip with black eyed peas is perfect for serving up to friends and family. It comes together in a snap and always pleases the crowd.

    Photo: Aggie Goodman

  • Pepperoni Pizza Dip 5 of 11
    Pepperoni Pizza Dip

    A super hot pepperoni pizza dip is always a hit with parents and kids alike. Serve it up with warm breadsticks so it is really like eating pizza!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip 6 of 11
    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo chicken dip is always a favorite at parties. Make this hot baked version to give yours a new twist that everyone will love.

    Photo: Shaina Olmanson

  • Fiesta Dip 7 of 11
    Fiesta Dip

    This zesty fiesta dip is a blast for holiday parties. Serve it up with lots of fresh tortilla chips and enjoy the fiesta all night long!

    Photo: Aggie Goodman

  • Baked Crab Dip 8 of 11
    Baked Crab Dip

    A light crab dip is ideal at holiday parties. It is fancy without being fussy and tastes great with crackers, chips, or bread!

    Photo: Jennifer Leal

  • Baked Chicken Dip 9 of 11
    Baked Chicken Dip

    This seriously flavorful buffalo chicken dip is filled with shredded chicken and baked until piping hot. Make it super spicy if you like - it can be as hot as you want!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Dip 10 of 11
    slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip

    This version of spinach and artichoke dip is great for parties because it can be made in the slow cooker. Whip it up and don't worry about it. It will be ready and stay warm through the whole party.

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • Chile Con Queso 11 of 11
    Chile Con Queso

    This traditional chile con queso dip is spicy, chunky, and perfect for a party dip. Serve it up with hot tortilla chips and a cold beer on the side.

    Photo: Spoonful.com

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