10 Easy Ways to Add Flavor to Your Food!


One question I am often asked is how I recommend adding more flavor to food. I am not a professional chef, of course, but I have, over time, come up with a few tried and true methods for adding flavor to our favorite dishes. Sometimes it is amazing how simple it is to brighten or lighten up a dish with just a spritz of lemon or pinch of salt. Here some of my tips for adding that extra oomph of flavor to your meal. Do you have any flavoring secrets? Please share!

10 Easy Ways to Add Flavor to Your Food

1. When baking or cooking with nuts toast them until lightly browned before using them. This brings out their flavor and makes everything taste nuttier!

2. Sprinkle some sugar over vegetables and fruits before roasting or cooking them. This helps extract their juices and flavor!

3. Cook spices in olive oil or butter before stirring them into a dish.

4. Kosher salt or fine sea salt give both savory AND sweet foods great flavor. Never underestimate how much flavor salt gives to chocolate!

5. Don’t shy away from pepper, it brings out surprisingly great flavors in salads and soups.

6. A spritz of lime or lemon do wonders to flavor food. Squeeze a wedge over your meal right before serving.

7. Sear meat before baking it to seal in the juices!

8. Roast vegetables until they are deeply golden around the edges to make sure they are roasted all the way through.

9. Chop fresh herbs right before adding them into dishes so their flavorful oils are totally fresh!

10. Pan juices often contain a ton of flavor. After cooking meat deglaze the pan and drizzle the juices over your dish for an extra delicious touch!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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