10 Everything But The Kitchen Sink Recipes

Face it. There’s always that point in the week when your pantry is depleted, the fridge is down to just a few last leftovers. You don’t have any one ingredient to make into a whole meal. But, of course, who needs just one ingredient? With these 10 fun and fabulous “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” recipes, you’re just minutes away from having an entree, snack, or dessert full of…well..everything but the kitchen sink! From delicious cookies to¬†decadent¬†pasta, here are 10 recipes that will make you glad you’ve got little bits of everything stirred into one great treat!

  • Kitchen Sink Cookies 1 of 11
    These Kitchen sink cookies are graced with coconut, M&M's, oatmeal, pretzels, raisins, and more!
    Get the recipe from Pass the Sushi
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink Sundaes 2 of 11
    Grab everything you've ever loved about ice cream and bring it together in this crazy delish recipe for everything but the kitchen sink sundaes!
    Get the recipe from Food Network
  • Kitchen Sink Spaghetti 3 of 11
    This kitchen sink spaghetti is chock full of vegetables, including eggplant, asparagus, red peppers, and so much more. If you're missing some, just use whatever veggies you have on hand!
    Get the recipe from Herbivoracious
  • Garbage Brownies 4 of 11
    Like brownies with chocolate chips, white chips, and everything in between? These brownies are stuffed with it all!
    Get the recipe from My Recipes
  • Kitchen Sink Granola Bars 5 of 11
    Packed full of nuts, oats, raisins, and chocolate chips, these kitchen sink granola bars are also vegan! Hurrah!
    Get the Recipe from Healthy Happy Life
  • Kitchen Sink Dinner 6 of 11
    Who says everything but the kitchen sink can't be healthy? Try this dinner loaded with quinoa, chickpeas, and veggies!
    Get the recipe from Insatiably Healthy
  • Everything Salad 7 of 11
    Fruits, veggies, and lots of protein come together in a big bowl, packing a flavor punch with this supremely delicious kitchen sink salad.
    Get the recipe from Eat Yr Heart
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pasta 8 of 11
    Pull out the pasta! This deeeelicious recipe for everything but the kitchen sink pasta takes everything you've got in the kitchen and puts it together in a single yummy recipe.
    Get the recipe from Bakeaholic Mama
  • Compost Cookies 9 of 11
    Stuff your cookies instead of the compost pile! These fun cookies are gooey, good, and gone in minutes!
    Get the recipe for Compost Cookies
  • Kitchen Sink Bars 10 of 11
    Attention, chocolate and caramel corn lovers: this recipe is for you. Click on through and get cookin'!
    Find the recipe on Love Veggies and Yoga
  • More Totally Over the Top Recipes 11 of 11
    There's more where this round-up came from! Get 10 wild recipes from brownies to burgers in this incredible compilation!
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