10 Fancy Words Every Food Lover Should Know!

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Image Source: Thinkstock

You don’t have to be a Top Chef to sound like one. Take a break from work and brush up on your culinary lingo. I love this slideshow over on The Huffington Post that describes the 50 Food Words Every Food Lover Should Know. Well I’ve scanned the whole lot of words and narrowed it down to ten for you. These are words to describe the food happenings you already know about but didn’t know had a word to describe them! Like the burnt rice at the bottom of a pan — there is a word for that! Impress your foodie friends at this year’s holiday parties by serving up these ten words to know!

10 Fancy Words Every Foodie Should Know

1. Socarrat – the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the pan. When you may use this word: when making paella or another cooked rice dish.

2. Quenelle – A quenelle (pronounced kuh-NELL) is a 3-sided scoop of something soft enough to mold, using two spoons to form an oval shape. When you may use this word: when served dessert at a fancy restaurant.

3. Scorpacciata – A fancy word for what is hot right now: eating in season and locally. Scorpacciata is a commitment to eating large quantities of what is in season before it disappears. When you may use this word: at the grocery store when loading up on that seasonal special for produce.

4. Omakase – the Japanese translation of this most coveted of sushi experiences literally means “I trust the chef.” Probably not the best meal plan for anyone with picky eating habits or special diets. When you may use this word: At your favorite Japanese restaurant when ordering that pricey, multiple-course meal. Or invite your friends over and serve up your own “omasake” menu. You don’t have to serve up sushi to use this beautiful word.

5. Pith – With citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes, the skin is made up of two layers: zest and pith. The pith is that white layer just below the zest that has a bitter flavor. When you may use this word: when zesting citrus you can warn to not grind against the pith! That bitter flavor can ruin a dish.

6. Jeroboam – The Jeroboam, otherwise known as the “Double Magnum,” is a large bottle of wine — four to six bottles large! When you may use this word: when browsing a wine store and spotting one of these mammoth-sized bottles.

7. Chiltepin – One of Texas’s official state chiles. The other being the well known jalapeño. The chiltepin’s heat measures between 50,000 and 100,000 Scoville units compared to a Jalepeno’s 2,500-8,000 Scoville units. So yes, it is spicy! But beloved among local Texans who like to craft a true Texas Chile. When you may use this word: When tasting or making chile or discussing spicy peppers.

8. Macerate – Not as violent as the word sounds – to macerate is simply to soak a food (usually fruit) in a liquid (usually alcohol or sugar) to infuse it with flavor by letting it sit for a while. When you may use this word: You may macerate lemons if making homemade limoncelle or macerate fruit in sugar (which draws moisture out of the flesh to create a syrup).

9. Dulse – Seaweed! And when dried into crispy chip-like shapes it becomes a very popular snack food or ingredient in recipes. Gathered by hand when the tide is out, this byproduct of the ocean is a health food that is high in protein, minerals and vitamins. When you may use this word: When reading this ingredient on a menu you can add an antidote about dulse being a popular snack food in Iceland.

10. Frenching – No, this isn’t a sultry work. But really a word that describes a simple process. The term frenching refers to cutting food in a particular way to ensure even cooking and maintain an attractive appearance. When you may use this word: When julienning carrots or chopping potatoes into perfect bite-sized cubes.

You feel smarter already, right? Now go out there are impress some Chefs.

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