10 Foods with Shocking Origins and 10 Ethical Everyday Alternatives

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We live in a society with a wealth of food choices that is probably unparalleled in history. While our great grandparents were mostly limited to the food that could be grown close to where they lived and considered imported foods like chocolate and tropical fruits to be luxuries, we can buy a banana from Central America, a cup of coffee from Ethiopia, and a host of foods our ancestors never even dreamed of for sums so trifling we don’t think twice.

The downside to this abundance is that it’s hard to know where our food comes from and what’s gone into it. But the truth is that one reason so many foods are so cheap is that they’re produced with methods that most of us would object to if we were aware of them from slavery to clear-cutting forests. Luckily we also have a lot of alternatives that allow us to eat a diet that takes full advantage of the world’s bounty without taking ethical shortcuts. Here are ten common foods with unsavory origins and ten alternatives you can feel good about.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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