10 Fun and Delicious Ways to Cook with Pesto

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I LOVE pesto. I mean, I seriously make it all the time. Did you know that there are nearly infinite varieties of pesto? It can be made many ways and always tastes delicious. I most frequently make pesto with basil from my herb pot. So, since my herb pot is now booming, I am making it nonstop. I find that more people make it in the summertime like I do. I promise: It is aboslutely refreshing. Here are ten totally delicious recipes that include pesto and, some of them, for pesto itself. From ways to get kids loving it to vegan versions, here are some clever and delicious pesto recipes. Bon appétit!

  • Pesto Quesadillas with Mango & Cilantro 1 of 10
    Pesto Quesadillas with Mango & Cilantro
    These flavor filled quesadillas are loaded with cheese (of your choice) and freshly blended pesto — topped with a fruity mango salsa and bits of cilantro. It's sweet, it's cheesy, it's all good.
    Make pesto quesadillas with mango and cilantro
  • Pasta with Kale & Walnut Pesto 2 of 10
    Pasta with Kale & Walnut Pesto
    Pesto can be made with all kinds of ingredients. If you're looking to make a super quick and healthy lunch, grab some walnuts and leaves of kale for a new tasty take on pasta sauce.
    Make pasta with kale and walnut pesto
  • Vegan Miso Walnut Pesto 3 of 10
    Vegan Miso Walnut Pesto
    Yet another delicious addition to the vegan-friendly menu. This miso walnut pesto contains no animal products and is healthy to boot. Use it as you would with regular pesto.
    Make vegan miso walnut pesto
  • Perfect Pesto Dip 4 of 10
    Perfect Pesto Dip
    The sun is out and today is the big BBQ day, but all you have is salsa dip for those poor tortilla chips. Boring. Upgrade your summer dip with garlic, nuts, and, yes, pesto.
    Make perfect pesto dip
  • Pesto Parmesan Muffins 5 of 10
    Pesto Parmesan Muffins
    Pesto muffins are such savory treats with any meal. Best of all, you can make them ahead of time and freeze them for another day.
    Make pesto parmesan muffins
  • Roast Salmon with Pesto 6 of 10
    Roast Salmon with Pesto
    Want seafood for dinner? Slather some pesto on salmon, pop it in the oven for a full roast, and a scrumptious fish dish awaits you the moment you finish setting the table.
    Make roast salmon with pesto
  • Green Eggs and Ham 7 of 10
    Green Eggs and Ham
    They do exist! Sam I Am would totally approve of this dish. These delicious eggs are made green from the pesto — funky and healthy, now that's a real meal.
    Make green eggs and ham
  • March Pesto Pasta 8 of 10
    March Pesto Pasta
    Lucky charms of shamrock pasta coated with pesto sauce is easy — and fun! — to make with kids. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and add a stick of garlic bread, and dinner is served.
    Make lucky pesto pasta
  • Pesto & Mozzarella Panini 9 of 10
    Pesto & Mozzarella Panini
    Ah, the classic pesto and mozzarella toasted panini. Never underestimate the simplicity of melted cheese, tomato, and heavenly pesto spread.
    Make pesto and mozzarella panini
  • Chicken with Pesto Potatoes 10 of 10
    Chicken with Pesto Potatoes
    Dip your baked potatoes in a bath of pesto sauce, stir the batch, and make them your side dish. Your chicken dish will look lonely without them.
    Make chicken with pesto potatoes

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