Cheap Dinner Ideas: $2 Baked Potato Toppers

Looking for frugal dinner ideas that aren’t as boring as all get out? These 10 recipes take the basic base of inexpensive baked potatoes and top them with truly delicious add-ons, from Mac & Cheese to a rich BBQ chicken. Most of the toppings can be purchased for $0.25-$2 per serving, and make it easy to feed a crowd for less. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or gourmet, you’re sure to find the perfect way to top your baked potatoes, while saving a few of your pennies for another day!


  • Buffalo Chicken Potatoes, about $1 per Serving 1 of 10
    Topping a baked potato with Buffalo Chicken turns any plain old dinner into a party!, and costs less than a meal from a fast food joint!
    Click for the recipe from Dana's Food for Thought.
  • Frito Pie Potatoes, about $1.25 per serving 2 of 10
    Frito Pie Baked Potatoes can be made for about four bucks total, and are a tasty twist on a super simple meal!
    Click for the recipe from Yummly.
  • Pizza Potatoes, about $1 per serving 3 of 10
    Pizza Baked Potatoes, anyone? Why yes, thank you. If you've got money for pepperoni, sauce, and cheese, you can feed dozens of diners for just a few cents per serving.
    Get the recipe for Pizza Baked Potatoes.
  • Mac & Cheese Potatoes, less that $1 per serving 4 of 10
    Mac and Cheese tops a baked potato with such flair, it's impossible to resist! Better yet, it's cheap and easy to make.
    Click for the recipe from Mac & Cheese Baked Potatoes.
  • Traditional Jacket Potatoes, about $0.75 per serving 5 of 10
    Try topping crispy baked potatoes with these classic favorites. A $2 bag of bacon bits, $1 of grated cheese, and a $1 tub of sour cream will serve as many as 10!
    Click for the recipe from Jacket Potatoes.
  • Bean Topped Potatoes, less than $1 per serving 6 of 10
    Mexican Bean Stuffed Baked Potatoes lend some serious TexMex flavor to dinner. Beans make an inexpensive, filling meal.
    Click for the recipe from Weekend Carnivore.
  • Egg Baked Potatoes, less than $0.50 per serving 7 of 10
    Egg Baked potatoes aren't just simple, they're super cheap and wildly tasty, too! Total cost for 8 servings of this recipe? About $3.
    Click for the recipe from The Daily Spud.
  • BBQ Chicken Potatoes, about $2 per serving 8 of 10
    BBQ Chicken piled high on a baked potato makes a filling meal that everyone in your family will love! The total cost on this beautiful dish is about $1.50 per serving, but it's worth the extra cash because each serving contains hidden cauliflower, as well as protein!
    Click for the recipe from Busy-Mommy.
  • Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes, less than $1.50 per serving 9 of 10
    Broccoli & Cheddar Baked Potatoes take a classic flavor and make it extra delish! To make the topping, you'll need about $6 and will be able to serve 6-8 eaters!
    Click for the recipe from Cinnamon Girl Recipes.
  • Arugula Stuffed Potatoes, about $1 per serving 10 of 10
    Try topping your baked potatoes with something as simple as arugula for a flavor explosion! The total cost for this recipe is less than 5 bucks, and it will feed a crowd!
    Click for the recipe from Kitchen Fiddler.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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