10 Ways to Get Your Grill On: Chicken

Planning your menu for the long Memorial Day weekend? We have you covered with 10 ways to get your grill on and in use with chicken. Surely you can’t get bored now, but if you do, check back, because ‘ll be following with recipes for pork, steak, and vegetables on the grill as well! There’s a little something for everyone all on the grill.

  • Beer in the Backend 1 of 10
    Beer in the Backend
    Yep, the good old beer-in-the-butt method. No chicken-on-the-grill round-up would be complete without including this little gem of Americana.
    Beer Can Chicken via Dine & Dish Photo by Backyard Indulgence
  • Under a Brick 2 of 10
    Under a Brick
    Spatchcocking a chicken lets you enjoy a full roasted chicken at significantly reduced cooking times. Squashing it under a flaming hot brick helps, too.
    Brick-Grilled Chicken via Food for My Family
  • Spiced 3 of 10
    A spicy rub makes this chicken stand out any time of year. Indulge your dark side in this spiced and grilled dark meat.
    Cumin Grilled Chicken
  • Back to Basics 4 of 10
    Back to Basics
    When grilling, just remember KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid. A recipe everyone should know how to make with an easy lemon marinade and a simple grilling, this chicken will be sitting pretty next to any pasta salad, potato salad or picnic potluck item you can find.
    Simple Lemon Grilled Chicken
  • Sweet and Spicy 5 of 10
    Sweet and Spicy
    A recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow by way of Kelsey here on Family Kitchen, this peach adobo sauce makes for a sweet and spicy marinade and glaze on grilled chicken.
    Grilled Chicken with Peach Adobo
  • Slathered 6 of 10
    Give your chicken a pesto slather. It's good being green, and it's better when that green is a mix of fresh herbs and nuts.
    Pesto-Rubbed Grilled Chicken
  • On a Pie, a Pizza Pie 7 of 10
    On a Pie, a Pizza Pie
    Forget all protein on the grill, top off your pizza with grilled chicken…on the grill. Grilled pizza is one of my favorite ways to prepare pizza in the summer because it crisps the crust just so, and it keeps the house cool, too.
    Grilled Italian Pizza via TidyMom
  • Skewered 8 of 10
    "A satay is simply a marinated skewered grilled meat that's served with a sauce. They're a quick and easy way to introduce your family to a new flavor profile. And who doesn't like food on sticks, right?"
    Grilled Chicken Satays
  • Cocktailed 9 of 10
    Kick up your grill session with this tequila-spiked beauty. Plenty of limes and tequila, a bit of salt, it's like a summertime cocktail on your chicken.
    Tequila Lime Chicken
  • Fly Me Away 10 of 10
    Fly Me Away
    Make game day food like it's going out of style, just baseball game this time of year. These sweet and sticky wings will have your friends wondering why you don't open a sports bar to sell them.
    Sweet and Sticky Grilled Chicken Wings via Food for My Family

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