10 Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Can Help Make

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My kids get a kick out of cooking with me, and one thing we really enjoy making together is healthy snacks. We keep all kinds of supplies in the cupboard so the kids can get creative. We usually spend Sundays around the house, and that’s a good time to make healthy snacks with the kids and brainstorm other snack ideas for the week. It’s also a great way to build healthy eating habits for life. I will save the extras and use them during the week as their school snacks, and when we run out we’ve got an after school activity together making more. The kids take a lot of pride in their creations and like to share their ideas with classmates.

  • 10 After School Snacks to Make with Your Kid 1 of 11
  • Tortellini Skewers 2 of 11

    My kids can make these themselves, but what better way to spend some time together after school than by creating a fun and good for you snack on a stick?

    Make tortellini skewers

  • Watermelon Balls 3 of 11

    I have two melon ballers, one for each kid. I slice the watermelon while the kids make balls, and as the watermelon juice builds up I pour it into glasses for refreshing drink to go with our cut fruit.

    Make watermelon balls

  • Hearty Trail Mix with Fruit and Yogurt 4 of 11

    Bring your kids to the cupboard, and let everyone choose what to add to the trail mix fixin's buffet.

    Make hearty trail mix with fruit and yogurt

  • French Toast Fruit Sticks 5 of 11

    Mix things up with this unexpected breakfast as snack, and let the kids create their own pattern.

    Make French toast fruit sticks

  • Turkey Sushi Wrap 6 of 11

    My kids and I have made these together, and they've made them on their own. Next time, I'm setting up an assembly line to add something a little different and fun.

    Make turkey sushi wraps

  • Fruity Flowers 7 of 11

    Since the first time we made these, I've added some ladybug cookie cutters, and both kids get a huge kick out of making a flower garden complete with bugs!

    Make fruity flowers

  • The Improvised Parfait by Sylvie 8 of 11

    If you don't have the ingredient for some other after-school snack on hand, just go to the pantry and let your kids explore their options to create a personalized parfait.

    Make the improvised parfait by Sylvie

  • Egg Salad Celery Bites 9 of 11

    Kids love minis, and these are a great protein-packed after school snack with a whole lot of crunch.

    Make egg salad celery bites

  • Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberry Pops 10 of 11

    These frozen strawberry pops look like a special dessert, but they are so easy to make and healthy to eat.

    Make frozen yogurt covered strawberry pops

  • Reduced-Guilt Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 11 of 11

    Pumpkins are coming! Fall is almost here! Time to make spiced pumpkin treats like these cookies and not feel guilty as they are reduced fat and sugar.

    Make reduced-guilt pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

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