10 Healthy Beginner Recipes to Get Kids Cooking in the Kitchen

My daughter is still pretty young, but she really enjoys cooking with me on occasion. When she gets a little older I’ll gradually give her more challenging dishes to make. Someone asked me recently what I would recommend to get their grade school-age child cooking in the kitchen. She had been inspired by this recent New York Times article. I thought of about 100 recipes, but decided to start with 10 based on her child’s taste preferences. Here is a list much like the one I gave her. It contains basic recipes for staples like marinara sauce and homemade bread, as well as more unique dishes like a creamy soup and raw vegetable salad. I’ll give you more ideas for getting kids cooking in the kitchen soon, but here is a start. Get those kids in the kitchen and cooking!

  • Caprese Panini 1 of 10
    A pressed sandwich is always a good healthy meal and this one features fresh tomatoes and herbs. Making it kids will learn how to control heat in a skillet.
    Make a caprese panini
  • Easy Brown Rice Bowl 2 of 10
    This easy brown rice bowl is simple to pull together and can be topped with anything. Making it kids will learn how to steam rice, chop vegetables and mix basic flavors to suit their own tastes.
    Make easy brown rice bowl
  • Green Bean Tomato Salad 3 of 10
    This colorful salad doesn't require any heat and is a great way to show kids how combining raw natural ingredients can create beautiful healthy meals.
    Make green bean tomato salad
  • Simple Marinara Sauce 4 of 10
    This simple marinara sauce will quickly become a staple in any kid's repertoire. It is a great way for her to learn how to reduce whole vegetables in a flavorful sauce.
    Make simple marinara sauce
  • Classic Meatballs 5 of 10
    These meatballs are a great way to introduce kids to handling and cooking red meat. Plus, they can be frozen for later so they can help stock the freezer.
    Make classic meatballs
  • No-Knead Bread 6 of 10
    This simple bread is great for even the littlest hands. Making it will teach kids how yeast works is a great way to show them how very few ingredients can yield a lot of food.
    Make no knead bread
  • Homemade Ranch Dressing 7 of 10
    This flavorful dressing is great for salads or dipping vegetables. Making it will teach kids how to whisk flavors and making dressings to suit their tastes.
    Make homemade ranch dressing
  • Simple Pork Taco 8 of 10
    These simple pork tacos are a great way to show kids how to handle and flavor large cuts of meat.
    Make simple pork tacos
  • Creamy Cauliflower Soup 9 of 10
    This creamy soup is thicken with potato to lighten it up. It is the perfect introductory soup for kids, they'll learn how to blend and thicken liquid to create a healthy meal.
    Make creamy cauliflower soup
  • Pesto Rubbed Grilled Chicken 10 of 10
    When kids are ready to learn how to grill this simple rubbed chicken is a great place to start. Teach them how to rub in flavor and control the heat on the grill to make perfectly cooked chicken.
    Make pesto rubbed grilled chicken

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