10 Healthy Foods to Feed Your Baby That You'll Like, Too


When my daughter was an infant, I wanted to make her the most nutritious food I possibly could. I remember scouring sources to make sure she was getting all the nutrients she needed. As I went along doing this, I often made a meal for the rest of the family using the ingredients I was also using for her meals. For example, if I was feeding her lentils I would make us a spicy lentil soup. When she got older I just transitioned her to what we were eating entirely. Here are a few dishes that we love today that are all based on ingredients that are very healthy for babies. With these dishes the whole family can eat up! As with introducing any new food to your baby, please consult your pediatrician for the best ways to spot any potential allergic reactions. This may mean waiting a day or two between each new food that is introduced, depending on the advice you are given.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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