10 New Ways To Try Fresh Spring Peas

There’s just something so special about fresh spring peas. The bright color, the sweet flavor so fresh you can eat them raw, and the memories of shelling peas as a kid. My kids and I look forward to picking up a big bag from the farmers market and nibbling on a few before heading home to shell our little green jewels and cook them into something unforgettable. I’ve found 10 new ways we are going to try out our peas this year, keep reading for all the great recipes…

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  • Fresh Pea Salad 1 of 10
    Fresh Pea Salad
    One of my favorite salad add ons are fresh peas. Here's an entire salad dedicated to the springtime veggie.
    Get the recipe for Fresh Pea Salad at 101 Cookbooks
  • Spring Pea Tortellini 2 of 10
    Spring Pea Tortellini
    This I must make, like yesterday. It's so easy too with wontons instead of fresh pasta.
    Get the recipe for Fresh Pea Salad at spring peas tortellini
  • Springtime Peas Soup With Mint 3 of 10
    Springtime Peas Soup With Mint
    This is not your heavy, wintery spilt pea soup. Nope, this is a much lighter and fresher soup using sweet peas, perfect for spring.
    Make your own springtime pea soup with mint
  • Fresh Peas Hummus 4 of 10
    Fresh Peas Hummus
    Get your snack on with this tasty and healthy dip.
    Make your own fresh pea and lime hummus
  • Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezie 5 of 10
    Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezie
    Peas with a hint of lemon for tartness and a dollop of creme fresh to even things out.
    Make your own easy peasy, lemon squeezie
  • Sweet Pea Crostini 6 of 10
    Sweet Pea Crostini
    These would make perfect after school snacks or anytime snack.
    Get the recipe for sweet pea crostini at In Jennie's Kitchen
  • Peas With Pancetta 7 of 10
    Peas With Pancetta
    A truly perfect combination of fresh sweetness and salty flavors, not to mention who wouldn't want bacon on anything.
    Get the recipe for peas with pancetta at Bell' Alimiento
  • Spring Pea and Parmesan Risotto 8 of 10
    Spring Pea and Parmesan Risotto
    My kids love peas and rice, so did I as a kid and I still do. There's just something special about this recipe.
    Make your own spring pea and parmesan risotto
  • Minted Peas 9 of 10
    Minted Peas
    So simple, just peas and mint together to bring out the freshness of spring.
    Get the recipe for minted peas at Cooking With My Kid
  • Broad Beans and Pea Mash 10 of 10
    Broad Beans and Pea Mash
    Why not mix up your mash potatoes by bringing some peas into the mix?
    Get the recipe for broad bean and pea mash at Life With A Fussy Eater

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