10 Pecan Pie Variations For Thanksgiving

Pecan pie is like a little slice of dreamland for me and I could eat it all year round. I actually do, but not always in the traditional pie form. Sometimes the kids and I will bake up some pecan pie cookies or cupcakes or just about any concoction we can come up with. This Thanksgiving I’m going to make a dessert buffet with a variety of pecan pie recipes for guests to choose from – I know my kids are going to be snacking on pecan pie popcorn! Keep reading for all the great recipes…

  • Boozy Pecan Pie Tarts 1 of 10
    Amaretto gives these individual pecan tarts a bit of a kick.
    Make your own Boozy Pecan Tarts
  • Lower Fat Whole Wheat Pecan Bars 2 of 10
    For those watching their waistlines, this is a great option. It tastes just as good as the real thing, but with less guilt!
    Make your own lower fat whole wheat pecan bars
  • Pecan Pie For Beginners 3 of 10
    If you've never made a pecan pie or if you had a pecan pie fail, here is a recipe that is sure to give you the confidence and wow factor you need.
    Make your own pecan pie for beginners
  • Maple Walnut Pecan Pie 4 of 10
    Add some maple-y goodness for some extra richness and if you want more than pecans, this recipe also calls for walnuts.
    Make your own maple walnut pecan pie
  • Frontera Grill’s Chocolate Pecan Pie Squares 5 of 10
    A little bit of chocolate and little bit pecan pie all wrapped together in a tasty bar.
    Make your own Frontera Grill's chocolate pecan pie squares
  • Impossible Pecan Pie Cupcakes 6 of 10
    The title says impossible, but they are easy to make, impossible to believe how delicious they are.
    Get the recipe for impossible pecan pie cupcakes at Baking Bites
    Image credit Baking Bites
  • Pecan Pie Macarons 7 of 10
    Tiny and sophisticated bites that explode with flavor in your mouth.
    Get the recipe for pecan pie macarons at The Nifty Foodie
    Image credit The Nifty Foodie
  • Pecan Pie Cheesecake 8 of 10
    If you are craving pecan pie and cheesecake, this recipe will satisfy both.
    Get the recipe for pecan pie macarons at Bake Or Break
    Image credit Bake Or Break
  • Pecan Pie Popcorn 9 of 10
    This could be dangerous as I see myself walking past and with each pass taking a handful of this popcorn treat (count how many times you purposely walk pass the bowl!).
    Get the recipe for pecan pie popcorn at Taste And Tell Blog
    Image credit Taste And Tell Blog
  • Pecan Pie Cookies 10 of 10
    Looks like an irresistible chocolate drizzled cookie, then you take a bite and get mouth full of pecan pie. Dream come true!
    Get the recipe for pecan pie cookies at Bakers Royale
    Image credit Bakers Royale

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