10 Perfect Slow-Cooker Recipes for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is officially here and it is time to get cooking. The only problem is that we are all going a mile a minute and it suddenly seems like there is no time to get anything done let alone cook! What is the answer? For me it is the slow-cooker. Of course, not all slow-cooker recipes are perfect for the holiday season. You don’t necessarily want summery soups in the middle of Christmas. However, a lot of things like chili, spaghetti sauce, and a showstopping leg of lamb are perfect for the season. Here are some of my favorite recipes for the slow-cooker that will really fit the bill for feeding your family and friends, and making your life easier during the holidays!

  • Slow Cooker Lasagna 1 of 11
    Slow Cooker Lasagna
    Vacation means hungry kids home for two weeks straight! Make a giant slow cooker lasagna and feed them for dinner and then serve up the leftovers for lunch the next day.
    Make slow cooker lasagna
  • Bacon Jam 2 of 11
    Bacon Jam
    Need to make some edible gifts? Try making this awesome jam. You can toss it in the slow cooker and it is ready for gifting a few hours later!
    Make slow cooker bacon jam
  • 7 Slow Cooker Christmas Party Dips 3 of 11
    7 Slow Cooker Christmas Party Dips
    When preparing to entertain make dips! In fact, make it super easy on yourself and make them in the slow-cooker.
    Make slow cooker christmas party dips
  • Baked Potato 4 of 11
    Baked Potato
    A baked potato bar is great for a party or just feeding a hungry family. Make it easy on yourself and cook your baked potatoes in the slow cooker.
    Make baked potatoes in the slow cooker
  • Leg of Lamb in the Slow Cooker 5 of 11
    Leg of Lamb in the Slow Cooker
    If you are working with one oven and need it for other things make your Christmas Day leg of lamb in the slow cooker instead. It will taste delicious and free up space in your kitchen!
    Make leg of lamb
  • Lentil Chili 6 of 11
    Lentil Chili
    When you and your family need a light, protein-packed meal over the holidays this recipe fits the bill perfectly. It is a great break from heavy meats and stews!
    Make lentil chili
  • Large Chicken Meatballs 7 of 11
    Large Chicken Meatballs
    What do you feed your hungry brood after all the Christmas food has run out? Answer: chicken meatballs. Throw them in the slow-cooker before you go out to for the day and come home to an awesome meal everyone will love.
    Make large chicken meatballs
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches 8 of 11
    Pulled Pork Sandwiches
    These awesome sandwiches are perfect for serving a crowd at a casual party. In fact, we love serving these on New Year's Eve - they are perfect for our easy going get together with friends.
    Make pulled pork sandwiches
  • Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce 9 of 11
    Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce
    So the kids are home for two weeks, now what? Make a big batch of spaghetti sauce in the slow-cooker and use it all week in different meals and freeze some for later.
    Make slow cooker spaghetti sauce
  • steel-cut-oats-bowl-2-1024×735 10 of 11
  • Slow-Cooker Stuffing 11 of 11
    Slow-Cooker Stuffing
    If you are planning Christmas dinner for a crowd make it easy on yourself and make the stuffing in the slow cooker. It is so easy and tastes delicious!
    Make slow-cooker stuffing

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