10 Recipes For Making Dessert On The Grill

I find that whenever we have a BBQ everyone is outside mingling and people just can’t resist checking out the grill to see what goodness they are in for. Why not keep the party alive and outside and give your guest something to really feast their eyes on by grilling up dessert. You’ll be the hit of the party and everyone will want to chip in to help…and steal the recipe. Keep reading 10 ways to grill desserts for your summer BBQ.

  • Pineapple Right-Side-Up Cake 1 of 10
    What could be more delicious than pineapple and pound cake? Pineapple that's been caramelized by the grill on top of toasted pound cake with a dollop of ice cream on top! You can even use a store-bought pound cake for extra convenience.
    Make your own pineapple right —side-up cake
  • Grilled Banana Boats 2 of 10
    These banana boats are the grilled version of a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar - simply set out a buffet of toppings and let everyone pick their own! Guests (especially the younger ones!) will love that this is a delicious dessert and a fun activity.
    Make your own grilled banana boats
  • Grilled Chocolate and Fruit Panini 3 of 10
    Wait, it's a dessert and a sandwich?! Sold! We love that this delicious treat can be made with virtually any fruit you happen to have on hand! And if you don't feel like firing up the grill outside, you can just use a panini press.
    Make your own grilled chocolate and fruit panini
  • Grilled Pineapple Pops 4 of 10
    This simple sweet only has two ingredients (pineapple and brown sugar!) and can be prepped and made in under 10 minutes! It's the perfect backyard dessert for the busy host who doesn't want to miss out on the party by putting together a complicated dessert.
    Make your own grilled pineapple pops
  • Grilled Peaches and Cream 5 of 10
    Peaches are in season all summer, so you might as well take advantage and whip up some classic Georgian peaches and cream! Bonus points if you break out that old hip hop song and make your music match your dessert. Know what I mean, peaches and cream?
    Make your own grilled peaches and cream
  • Grilled Pound Cake With Grilled Strawberries 6 of 10
    This is basically a summertime, grilled version of strawberry shortcake, which is always a popular dessert. The lightly grilled cake and strawberries contrasts beautifully with an ice cold whipped cream or ice cream topping!
    Make your own grilled pound cake with grilled strawberries
  • S’mores Dessert Pizza 7 of 10
    S'mores: Yum. Pizza: Yum. Combine them both for an innovative summer dessert and guests will be complimenting your creativity and thanking you for saving them from the sticky mess that inevitably comes with a classic s'more.
    Get the recipe for s'mores dessert pizza on the grill at You Made That
  • Grilled Strawberries With Pimm’s And Vanilla Ice Cream 8 of 10
    A dessert recipe inspired by a British Pimm's Cocktail? Can't go wrong there! Add a few blueberries to this recipe and it becomes a perfectly patriotic treat for 4th of July.
    Get the recipe for grilled strawberries with pimm's and vanilla ice cream at Jamie Oliver
  • Grilled Coconut Apple Crisp 9 of 10
    Apple crisp, barbecue style. This traditional favorite gets a summertime makeover with some Caribbean flair when you add coconut and ginger. You'll love the rich, caramelized flavor and crispy texture.
    Get the recipe for grilled coconut apple crisp at Chow
  • Grilled Dessert Pizza 10 of 10
    Fresh fruit, chocolate, and thin crust pizza makes for an easy, light, delicious dessert! If you're cooking for kids, mix it up by cutting up a ton of different fruits and letting everyone make their own personal pizza.
    Get the recipe for grilled dessert pizza at My Recipes

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