10 Recipes for Making the Most of Oranges

It’s orange season, and what better way to brighten these last gloomy days of winter than with some sunny oranges? Nothing is better than peeling and eating a fresh orange, but my farmers market basket was overflowing this week with all varieties of oranges, from blood orange to cara cara to navel. There was no way we could eat all these, so I went ahead and scoured the web for some fun ideas. Keep reading for your own inspiration…

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  • Fennel & Orange Salad 1 of 10
    Fennel and oranges are very complimentary which means this salad will be an explosion of flavor in your mouth.
    Get the recipe for fennel and orange salad at Cooking With My Kid
  • Cara Cara Orange Tart 2 of 10
    This will make a perfect dessert for a wintery dinner party.
    Get the recipe for cara cara orange tart at All That Splatters
  • Blood Orange French Toast 3 of 10
    Start the day with this citrus take on french toast.
    Make your own blood orange french toast
  • Orange Cranberry Olive Oil Muffins 4 of 10
    The classic orange cranberry muffin, then add in some olive oil for a deep flavor combination.
    Make your own orange cranberry olive oil muffins
  • Cherry Orange Oatmeal 5 of 10
    Oatmeal is my go to breakfast and I'm always looking of ways to spruce it up.
    Make your own cherry orange oatmeal
  • Blood Orange Marmelade 6 of 10
    I've got so many blood oranges, this is the perfect way to use them up.
    Make your own blood orange marmalade
  • Orange Roast Chicken 7 of 10
    I've made roasted chicken with lemons more times than I can count. This is perfect for a little change up.
    Make your own orange roast chicken
  • Blood Orange Wacky Cake 8 of 10
    Must try this! I used to make a chocolate wacky cake as a kid every week.
    Make your own blood orange wacky cake
  • Beets With Orange Vinaigrette 9 of 10
    I've got beets and oranges from this weeks veggie basket, look like this salad is going to be made.
    Get the recipe for beets with orange vinaigrette at Cooking With My Kid
  • Watermelon Radish With Citrus Salad 10 of 10
    Look, it's watermelon radish! One of this years food trends.
    Get the recipe for Watermelon radish with citrus salad at Lincoln Barbour

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