10 Refreshing Summer Mint Recipes

It’s scorching this summer! We just returned from two weeks in Oregon with several days of 100+ temperatures. Seriously hot and in desperate need of cooling off. One thing we discovered was adding fresh mint from my parents garden to our recipes to give us a refreshing and cooling sensation. It’s such a simple concept, but it works! We had the kids go pick a bunch of leaves each day, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and we kept a jar of mint sun tea going at all times to add to the other recipes we discovered. I’ve put together some of our favorites, check them out and cool yourself off.

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    Mint Recipes
  • Chocolate Mint Melon Salad 2 of 11

    Fruit and mint are the perfect foods to feel refreshed.

    Make Chocolate Mint Melon Salad.

  • Refreshing Mint Water 3 of 11

    Quench your thirst will a tall glass of this supped up water.

    Make Refreshing Mint Water.

  • Mint Pea Ravioli 4 of 11

    I'm a big fan of making minted peas, but I love the idea of wrapping up that flavor in a ravioli.

    Make Mint Pea Ravioli.

  • Strawberry Mint Ice Cream 5 of 11

    Strawberries and mint and ice cream, it's like the best that summer has to offer all in one tasty bowl.

    Make Strawberry Mint Ice Cream.

  • Cilantro Mint Chicken 6 of 11

    Switch up the old BBQ sauce with this minty herb grilled chicken.

    Make Cilantro Mint Chicken.

  • Virgin Mint Julep 7 of 11

    This is an awesome mint tea to have anytime or throw an adorable horse party like we did.

    Make Virgin Mint Julep.

  • Mint Sorbet 8 of 11

    Just make it, you will love it and feel rejuvenated.

    Make Mint Sorbet.

  • Mint Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 9 of 11

    Because I can't go very long without eating a cookie.

    Make Mint Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

  • Mint Lemonade 10 of 11

    The kids loved this and claimed it is much cooler than regular lemonade!

    Make Mint Lemonade.

  • Raspberry + Mint + Lime Cubes 11 of 11

    Turn your plain sparkling water into something extraordinary with these frozen fruit and herb cubes.

    Make Raspberry + Mint + Lime Cubes.

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