10 Rice Krispie Treat Recipes to Brighten Back-To-School Blues

Something strange happened this year that has never happened before. One of my kids has the back-to-school blues. Sure there’s the longing for summer and sleeping in and lazy days, but this is different. This is real sadness. The kind that comes with silent tears and broken hearts (hers and mine). She couldn’t quite put into words where this feeling was coming from, so I decided to spend some one-on-one time with her. Usually, I make my kids a healthy after school snack, but I decided for special occasions a fun treat was in order. I picked her up and we headed home and made Rice Krispie treats. We got so sticky and covered in marshmallow all while laughing and talking. Finally, the conversation organically lead to school and it came out that she was nervous about the challenges that lie ahead for the year and the standardized tests were causing her intense anxiety. She takes such pride in her work and wants to make sure she does well on the tests. Oh, my sweet girl. We talked it over and worked through the emotions, eating our rice krispie treats along the way. It all worked out and she’s feeling happy and excited and like her usual school loving self again. If ever you need to comfort your little one, click through for some great Rice Krispie treat recipe ideas.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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