10 Scariest Wedding Cakes

Scary Wedding Cake

I swear, I thought the post on the worst kids cakes was bad, but these are even worse. Can you imagine if your ordered your wedding cake and one of these was presented to you upon your arrival. I mean, for real! That is what happened to a few couples and their friends were kind enough to document the travesties here for all of us to see. I personally can’t believe these were ever let out the bakery door, but that is just me. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to all of you planning weddings soon – check on the cake before you set it out to serve!

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    Is half the cake meant to be hidden?
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    What universe does this cake grow in?
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    The headless bride...
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    So funny...but not
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    People with Peep fetishes get married
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    When gamers marry...
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    Umm, what is exactly is swimming up that cake?
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    Galactic cake stand or alien invasion?
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    Tropical paradise takes a wrong turn...
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    The decomposing beehive...

Photo Sources: Cake Wrecks

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