10 Simple Dinners You Can Make with Convenience Store Ingredients

Angel Hair Soup

The closest store to us is the 7-Eleven. I don’t use it for my everyday grocery shopping, but I certainly run there from time to time. A few times last winter it was the only place open after a snowstorm and I actually used it to pick up some basic ingredients and make delicious meals. Now I keep these recipes in my back pocket and pull them out when I know a quick convenience store food shopping is in my future. I’ve come to love these nifty, simple meals that always hit the spot.

  • Angel Hair Soup 1 of 14
    This tasty soup only requires a few ingredients and will keep you warm all winter long!
    Make angel hair soup
  • Baked Apples 2 of 14
    Simple baked apples can make a tasty side dish or dessert, best of all they only require a few simple ingredients!
    Make baked apples
  • 2-min-brownie-ice-cream-682×1024 3 of 14
  • Apple Tuna Melt 4 of 14
    This apple tuna melt is so simple to prepare and is packed with protein!
    Make apple tuna melt
  • Capellini with Cream Sauce 5 of 14
    A delicious pasta with a simple cream sauce made with cream adn swiss cheese is always a hit.
    Make capellini with cream sauce
  • Chicken Noodle Omelet 6 of 14
    Who would believe that chicken noodle ramen and eggs would make the perfect omelet!
    Make chicken noodle omelet
  • chocolate-pb-mug-cake-3-682×1024 7 of 14
  • Mac & Greens 8 of 14
    Pick up a box of mac & cheese and add in some simple frozen or fresh greens for an easy, tasty dinner.
    Make mac and greens
  • Potato Chip Omelet 9 of 14
    Eggs and potato chips are always on the shelf and this omelet is so easy to whip up when I get home!
    Make potato chip omelet
  • Buttermilk Pancakes 10 of 14
    Breakfast for dinner is totally acceptable in my house. Pick up some pancake mix at the store or make them from scratch!
    Make buttermilk pancakes
  • Naptime Chef Artichoke 11 of 14
  • Easy Bacon & Egg Cups 12 of 14
    These cups are a cinch to make in muffin tins and are a healthy dinner. Dress them up with leeks and gruyere if you have it in the fridge!
    Make bacon and egg cups
  • Chicken Club Quesadillas 13 of 14
    Quesadillas are always an easy tasty treat, dress them up with cheese, bacon and chicken for a chicken club twist.
    Make chicken club quesadillas
  • cocannon 14 of 14

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