10 Simple Fried Rice Recipes for a Quick Dinner!

I really only ever eat fried rice when I go to a restaurant, which is a shame! Fried rice is a great one-dish meal that is quick to prepare and makes for a nice weeknight dinner. Fried rice also lends itself well to using up all kinds of leftovers you may have in the fridge, especially leftover dried-up rice! These 10 fried rice recipes are simple, quick and, best of all, delicious!

  • Fried Rice for Dinner! 1 of 11
    10 quick fried rice recipes

    These quick and easy fried rice recipes will help you get a nice one-dish dinner on the table in no time!

  • Simple Fried Rice with Leftovers 2 of 11
    simple fried rice

    Make your leftovers work for you with this simple fried rice recipe, resulting in a beautiful and delicious dinner!

    Make Simple Fried Rice

  • Easy Vegetable Fried Rice 3 of 11
    Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

    This vegetable fried rice is ready in 20 minutes and uses ingredients you can have stashed in the freezer waiting for a busy night.

    Make Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Pork Fried "Rice" 4 of 11
    pork fried rice

    For those of us who aren't eating grains but still want to enjoy the deliciousness of fried rice, this recipe is for you! 

    Make Pork Fried "Rice" from Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine

  • Fastest Dinner Ever Fried Rice 5 of 11
    fastest dinner ever fried rice

    The title says it all this fried rice is the fastest dinner EVER and is vegetarian to boot!

    Make Fastest Dinner Ever Fried Rice

  • Easy Chicken Fried Rice 6 of 11
    easy chicken fried rice

    This recipe is super simple. You can use fresh rice for this recipe, but leftover rice makes it even better!

    Make Easy Chicken Fried Rice

  • Super Omega Easy Stir Fry 7 of 11
    super omega easy stir fry

    This stir fry is healthy and uses long grain wild rice as the base, giving this traditional dish a bit of a twist!

    Make Super Omega Easy Stir Fry

  • Gingery Quick Fried Rice 8 of 11
    gingery quick fried rice

    This super simple gingery fried rice sounds delicious, and with a little extra effort goes great with shrimp and bok choy. And you only need one pan for all this deliciousness!

    Make Gingery Quick Fried Rice

  • Egg Fried Rice 9 of 11
    egg fried rice

    Your kids will love helping you make this fried rice, scrambling the egg right in the middle of it all!

    Make Egg Fried Rice

  • Mexican Fried Rice 10 of 11
    mexican fried rice

    This Mexican fried rice is a major twist on a theme and is filled with all kinds of flavor!

    Make Mexican Fried Rice

  • Vegetable Fried Rice 11 of 11
    vegetable fried rice

    This fried recipe makes a great quick dinner or a great dish for a potluck! And the recipe comes from a vegetarian chef, so you know you're in good hands!

    Make Vegetable Fried Rice

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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