10 Skinny Secrets for Summer Eating

We all spend a lot of time preparing for bathing suit season. We eat well, exercise like crazy, and even sometimes rub our skins with crazy creams to help us slim down. Then summer arrives and…now what? It is time to maintain all that hard work while not spending the summer completely deprived of any gustatory pleasure. But how? It isn’t easy, but there are in fact a few ways you can make it through a wonderful summer in your favorite suit while still enjoying your favorite treats. Here are a few of my secrets to eating well all summer long!

  • 10 Skinny Secrets for Summer Eating 1 of 11
    10 Skinny Secrets for Summer Eating
  • Secret #1 – Skip the Diet Soda 2 of 11
    Diet Soda Makes You Fat

    In recent years studies have shown that diet soda is linked to weight gain. To help stay slim this summer skip the soda completely and opt for something natural and unsweetened!

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  • Secret #2 – Swap sugar for naturally sweet fruit 3 of 11
    Watermelon Sundae

    This super clever watermelon sundae is both gorgeous and healthy. It makes an awesome, naturally sweet dessert that satisfies all of your cravings.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Secret #3 – Fill up on fresh produce 4 of 11
    tomato salads

    Fresh summer produced that is minimally processed is one of the best ways to enjoy the flavors of summer.  Try some of these fresh tomato salads when cooking with your favorite produce. It is flavorful, healthy, and perfect for lunch or dinner!

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  • Secret #4 – Eat yogurt for dessert 5 of 11
    Eat yogurt for dessert

    Yogurt is a great source of calcium, usually low in calories (depending which kind you buy), and packed with protein and beneficial probiotics. Save yourself some guilt and make these amazing natural yogurt desserts at home. You'll never miss the heavy ice cream from the store!

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  • Secret #5 – Drink unsweetened iced tea instead of lemonade 6 of 11
    Iced Tea

    Sweet drinks can be one of the worst ways to add calories into your diet. Instead of drinking heavily sweetened lemonade try making refreshing unsweetened iced tea instead!

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  • Secret #6 – Make skinny shakes 7 of 11
    skinny pineapple shake

    Milkshakes can be so tempting in the summer months. But, don't fret, you don't have to give them up entirely in the name of staying slim. Instead, make an awesome vegan pineapple milkshake. It is full of flavor with the same texture of a milkshake, but without the unwanted calories.

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  • Secret #7 – Stick with fresh fruit dips 8 of 11
    mango salsa

    Fresh fruit dips like mango or tomato salsa are packed with flavor and are naturally sweet. When eating at parties, or throwing one of your own, stick with a fresh fruit dip instead of a heavy, cream-based one. Your guests will love the refreshing flavor!


  • Secret #8 – Try Guilt-Free deseserts 9 of 11
    Guilt Free Brownies

    If you need to scratch that sweet craving itch then do yourself a favor and indulge in an almost-guilt-free treat like these turtle brownies. While they may not be the MOST healthy option for dessert, they are decadent and you'll be totally satisfied by the rich chocolate flavor without feeling too bad about it. 

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  • Secret #9 – Swap out avocado for oil in baked goods 10 of 11
    Chocolate Avocado cupcakes

    When summer parties call make a lower calorie cupcake by baking them with avocado instead of oil. It instantly lightens them up without compromising texture or taste!

    Photo: Miss Avocado

  • Secret #10 – Drink your breakfast 11 of 11
    Green Smoothie

    Skip the cream in your coffee and drink your breakfast instead. This awesome green smoothie is ideal for a healthy breakfast and gets your day off on the right foot. Beware of adding too much fruit and sweet dairy products though, that will add hugely to your daily sugar intake! 

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