10 Healthy Squash Recipes to "Fall" For

Why does pumpkin get all the glory this time of year? Sure, it is perfectly plump. Golden. Cute. Pumpkins may be the “it” veggie this time of year, but don’t forget about the other brilliant squash varieties available this time of year. And did you know that many of the cans marked “pumpkin” may actually be sourced from an array of not-so-pumpkin-y squash varieties? Shocking I know, but true! So push those cuddly plump pumpkins aside (for this post anyways) and put a few more glorious gourds in the spotlight. These 10 healthy squash recipes will have you “falling” for squash in no time! Acorn, butternut and more await you..

  • Butternut Squash Sage Dip 1 of 12

    This rustic fall dip is infused with garlic, sage, maple and sweet citrus. You can whip this dip up in under ten minutes. Serve warm or chilled - perfect for parties!
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  • Rustic Squash Trio Soup 2 of 12

    This cozy soup is easy to make since is has simple ingredients. I used three varieties of squash: white acorn, buttercup and butternut. Use whatever varieties you have on hand!
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  • Squash-spiration: Acorn Squash! 3 of 12

    Acorn squash in a light shade of yellowish white. Simply slice and roast in the oven. The natural sweetness will develop with ease.

  • Acorn Alfredo 4 of 12

    So creamy, you won't believe this is a dairy-free alfredo sauce made from creamy white acorn squash. Sweet and savory.
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  • Squash-spiration: Butternut Squash! 5 of 12

    Butternut squash is an easy-to-find fave. Sweet and silky when roasted. The unique shape means that there is more flesh and less seeds - the perfect sweet squash for recipes!

  • Citrus Butternut Dip with Arugula 6 of 12

    This bold butternut dip has accents of citrus and spice. Serve warm or chilled. Party-approved. Top with spicy arugula and fresh, juicy citrus chunks.
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  • Fall Pasta with Squash and Mushrooms 7 of 12

    This is a favorite pasta combo of mine: shiitake mushrooms, butternut squash and sage. Bow-tie pasta completes this savory-sweet fall entree.
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  • Citrus Squash Pasta with Almonds and Chickpeas 8 of 12

    This is a meal in a bowl. Chickpeas, almonds, citrus, mushrooms and squash. Tender orecchiette pasta works well in this cozy dish.
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  • Sage and Squash Side Dish 9 of 12

    Sage, vegan butter and creamy butternut squash make this a cravable fall side dish. Simple flavors make the squash sing.
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  • Orange Glow Muffins 10 of 12

    Squash puree is the secret ingredient in these moist morning muffins. Squash is a smart ingredient for healthy baked goods!
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  • Pear Right-Side-Up Cake 11 of 12

    This is a dessert or tea-time worthy cake infused with pears and sneaky butternut squash puree. Lovely sliced pears top each slice.
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  • Red Quinoa and Harvest Veggies 12 of 12

    Gourmet meets cozy in this healthy vegan, red quinoa and squash meal. Harvest veggies like squash, fennel and more infuse each bite.
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