10 Stupid Prank Gifts for Those on Your Naughty List

I love to give prank gifts to my friends and family. I usually give my friends and family a regular gift, and then a secondary prank gift just for fun. Of course the funny prank gift always comes first, so they think that’s all they’re getting.

Here I have compiled a list of hilariously stupid prank gifts from Stupid.com. Head on over to their Facebook page and “Like” them to receive 10% off your purchase.

  • Bacon Lovers Pack 1 of 10
    Is there someone on your gift list that just goes on and on about bacon. So much so that you just want to slap them sometimes with a slab of bacon? If so this bacon lovers gag gift set will be perfect for them.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Toilet Mug 2 of 10
    This gift would be great for the guy or gal in your office that just won't shut their dirty potty mouth.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Peter Petrie Egg Separator 3 of 10
    This is just gross, but would make the perfect gift for that friend that still can't figure out how not to break the yolk when separating their eggs.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Chocolate Dog Poo 4 of 10
    Do you know someone who loves chocolate more than anything in the world? Do they go on and on about how they could eat anything covered in or made of chocolate. Make them eat their words with this chocolate poo.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Pooping Reindeer Candy 5 of 10
    This silly pooping reindeer would be perfect for any candy lover on your list.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Mustache Egg Fryer 6 of 10
    Tired of your crazy uncle that has the thick mustache he hasn't shaved since '72? Well if he likes mustaches, he'll love this mustache egg fryer.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Santa’s Coal Bubble Gum 7 of 10
    Has someone on your list been extra naughty, so bad they deserve some coal? This coal bubble gum will work out perfectly.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Cupcake Dental Floss 8 of 10
    Do you know someone obsessed with cupcakes, so much so you see one in their hand every time you turn around? Then they would seriously appreciate this cupcake flavored floss to prevent all the inevitable dental decay from overindulging their sweet tooth.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Pillsbury Sugar Cookies Lip Balm 9 of 10
    This gift would be perfect for you to buy yourself and wear for your significant other, especially if your better half is cookie obsessed.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.
  • Self- Stirring Mug 10 of 10
    Does your husband leave a dirty coffee spoon on the counter every morning, leaving a coffee stain everyday that is making you want to pull your hair out? This self stirring mug will fix your problem.
    Find this gift at Stupid.com.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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