10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Holiday Ham

Ham and Kale Soup

Leftover ham can amount to a whole lot of ham sandwiches, or dishes that are far more interesting and flavorful. Have you ever used your leftover ham to make soup or pizza? Well, you can! Here are some tasty dishes you can whip up in a jiffy and enjoy all week long. I know that is what I’ll be doing, using our leftover ham to make a fresh set of meals to carry us into the new year!

  • Green Eggs and Ham 1 of 10
    Green Eggs and Ham
    This children's book-inspired meal is packed with protein and is great for breakfast...or dinner!
    Make green eggs and ham
  • Ham & Apple Grilled Cheese 2 of 10
    Ham & Apple Grilled Cheese
    This simple sandwich can be pulled together in minutes and is ideal for kids and anyone in need of a quick lunch.
    Make ham and apple grilled cheese
  • Ham, Potato & Kale Soup 3 of 10
    Ham, Potato & Kale Soup
    Use ham to make a hearty soup that you will need to eat with a fork!
    Make ham, potato and kale soup
  • Ham & Caramelized Onion Pizza 4 of 10
    Ham & Caramelized Onion Pizza
    These tasty homemade pizza is piled high with ham, caramelized onions and gruyere. You will start making ham just for this leftover dish!
    Make ham and caramelized onion pizza
  • Ham & Cheese Pretzel Paninis 5 of 10
    Ham & Cheese Pretzel Paninis
    Tasty nibbles are the name of the game with these paninis, they are small enough for kids hands and are also great appetizers for adults.
    Make ham and cheese pretzel paninis
  • Ham & Split Pea Soup 6 of 10
    Ham & Split Pea Soup
    This gorgeous soup full of salty, smokey flavors and is the perfect hot meal to sip on a cold winter night.
    Make ham and split pea soup
  • Classic Croque Monsieur 7 of 10
    Classic Croque Monsieur
    This classic french sandwich is a cinch to whip up with leftover ham and makes a terrific easy dinner dish.
    Make classic croque monsieur
  • Pasta Salad with Ham 8 of 10
    Pasta Salad with Ham
    These awesome pasta salad is full of salty ham and can be eaten for lunch or dinner all week!
    Make pasta salad with ham
  • Ham & Cheese Crepes 9 of 10
    Ham & Cheese Crepes
    These tasty breakfast crepes are like sandwich rolled up in a pancake!
    Make ham and cheese crepes
  • Baked Beans with Ham 10 of 10
    Baked Beans with Ham
    This classic dish is ideal for everyday meals. Use up your ham and enjoy a whole new meal at the same time!
    Make baked beans with ham

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