10 Things Kids Say At the Dinner Table & How to Survive Them


You know the routine. You pull your tot to the table and the whining starts. I don’t liiiiike this! I won’t eat thaaaat! It’s all soooo grossss!  With more than enough complaints to fill a week of whining around the dinner table, kids can sometimes make meal times a struggle, battle, and fight that will wear down even the most willful parents. Alas, fear not! We’ve got 10 classic complaints from kids with 10 great ways moms and pops everywhere can meet ’em, beat ’em, and get the kids to eat ’em!

  • I hate broccoli. 1 of 10
    I hate broccoli.
    Show your picky eater just how fun dinnertime can be when broccoli is on the table. Whether you make up a story about them being "giants" and the broccoli being "tiny trees" for their bellies, or pull together this delicious recipe for Broccoli Cheese Nuggets, keep introducing greens to your kids and encourage them to taste them.
    Get your kids to give broccoli a try with our recipe for Broccoli Cheese Nuggets
  • It’s too spicy! 2 of 10
    It's too spicy!
    Whether it's Mexican, Thai, Indian, and spicy chicken burgers, lots of parents like a bit of spice to their dinners, while some kids seem to have an oversensitivity to it. While it's always important to ensure you're feeding your kids food that isn't too spicy for their tongues, try serving up slightly spicy meals with a big glass of this cooling Nutella Milk for your kids.
    Nutella Milk
  • I want mac and cheese!!! 3 of 10
    I want mac and cheese!!!
    If you've got kids who'd eat mac and cheese--and nothing but mac and cheese--all the time, try serving it for dinner as small side dish, and bulking it up with this veggie-licious recipe for Mac and Greens.
    Get the recipe for super scrumptious Mac and Greens
  • I hate tofu! 4 of 10
    I hate tofu!
    My kids are always telling me they don't like tofu, but serving it in small bites with the proper seasoning dramatically changes the look, taste, and texture of this soy product. Make it even more fun by cooking tofu into lego shapes.
    Try out tofu on your kiddos with our fun recipe for Tofu Lego Bites
  • Ewwww! It’s too crunchy! 5 of 10
    Ewwww! It's too crunchy!
    It seems there's something unpalatable to kids about the crunchy texture of veggies mixed into recipes. One of the best ways I've discovered to entice picky kids to crunch their munchies is to create a colorful stirfry, mixing noodles with veggies. The noodles create a great vehicle for veggies, mixing everything in a fork-able heap while masking some of the flavor and texture of the crunchy stuff.
    Get your kids to crunch their veggies with our recipe for Creamy Garlic Udon Noodles
  • I want potato chips! 6 of 10
    I want potato chips!
    How many times have you sat down at the dinner table only to have your kids lean sobbing toward the pantry…"IIIII waaaaant myyyyyy potatoooo chippppps!!" The first thing you should do in the moment is keep a firm hand, letting your kids know that potato chips aren't on the table. The second? Replace those chips in the cupboard for homemade apple chips instead. Not only will your kids stop begging for chips (because they won't be available anymore), but they'll have a fun, healthy snack when the munchies do hit.
    Get our recipe for homemade Apple Chips
  • I want French Fries! 7 of 10
    I want French Fries!
    It happens to the best of parents. No matter how healthy you try to be, your kids still beg for the side dishes they've grown to enjoy on fast food outings. To bring some of the flavor of french fries to your table, without all of the fat, try serving your family this version of roasted potatoes and watch them learn to love a scrumptious new side!
    Show your kids that french fries ain't all that with our recipe for Roasted Potatoes
  • Sushi is disgusting! 8 of 10
    Sushi is disgusting!
    So you ordered in, and now your tot is throwing a fit because they don't like seaweed-wrapped seafood. Fair enough. Encourage them to try a few bites of the big kids meal, then serve up these fun kid-friendly sushi rolls for dessert!
    Get your kids on a sushi roll with Lunch Box Sushi Rolls
  • I’m not hungry! 9 of 10
    I'm not hungry!
    When it's time to eat, it's time to eat. That's the rule that has helped us get our kids to sit down and focus on dinnertime. Once dinner is over, we're done eating and no more food will be served for the rest of the night. It doesn't take long for the kids to learn that they need to eat an ample amount of dinner, or they're going to be hungry. That said, there are the oft moments when I've got a kid who wasn't hungry for dinner, and right before bed they get hard-core hunger pains. My favorite way to cut the bellyaching is offer up a quick green smoothie. It's nice knowing my kids has something in their belly that I can approve of.
    Cut your kids hunger with this recipe for Sassy Green Smoothie
  • The green stuff is gross! 10 of 10
    The green stuff is gross!
    Have teeny tots that pick the colored stuff out of every meal? Show them how fun greens can be by making a side dish inspired by the kids classic, Dr. Suess. To make a fun occasion of eating greens, you can even host a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" with each bite your kid takes earning a turn of the page, until the story (and their meal!) is all done!
    Turn dinner into a green celebration with our recipe for Green Eggs and Ham


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