10 Unique Bacon Recipes

Now that bikini season is officially over, it’s time to treat yourself to some much-needed bacon. Sure you can just have the standard strip with breakfast…or you can go all out with your tastebuds and try these decadent and truly amazing recipes. From jam to salty-sweet concoctions, edible bowls, and more, your mouth will thank me (your jeans…well, they’ll get over it)…

  • Cinnamon Sugar Bacon Twist 1 of 10
    This takes the cinnamon twist to a new and crazy level. Why have I never thought to combine the earthiness of cinnamon with the richness of bacon, then add some sugar to sweeten the deal?
    Make your own Cinnamon sugar bacon twists
  • Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles 2 of 10
    You can still have your bacon for breakfast, but jazz things up by cooking your bacon right into the waffle.
    Make your own brown sugar bacon waffles
  • Bacon Popcorn 3 of 10
    Holy yum-fest! Take your leftover bacon grease and drizzle it over popcorn. I may not make this often, but when I do it's "mom's the best" all around!
    Make your own bacon popcorn
  • Slow Cooker Bacon Jam 4 of 10
    Let your slow cooker to the work while you enjoy the flavors.
    Make your own slow cooker bacon jam
  • Ultimate Bacon Lovers Mac And Cheese 5 of 10
    Ok, so mac n cheese with bacon may not be a unique concept, but this recipe is so good that it will leave you speechless.
    Make your own ultimate bacon lovers mac and cheese
  • Potato Bacon Cheddar Chowder 6 of 10
    Just in time for the cool weather! Serve up a bowl of this hearty soup for supper to warm your family's soul.
    Make your own potato bacon and cheddar chowder
  • Bacon Cup Salad With Less Guilt 7 of 10
    There are some really great turkey bacons out there if you're looking for a little less guilt (or pork) from your bacon. If you do use regular bacon for this edible bowl, make sure you account for shrinkage or you may end up with a hole-filled teacup.
    Make your own bacon cup salad with less guilt
  • Candied Pecan Praline Bacon 8 of 10
    Bacon for dessert anyone? This would make a fun treat for a dinner party to keep the conversation going.
    Make your own candied pecan praline bacon
  • Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed And Grilled Jalapeño Poppers 9 of 10
    Use your grill one last time before you have to store it for winter. And what better way than with some bacon poppers?
    Make your own bacon-wrapped stuffed and grilled jalapeno poppers
  • Strawberry Spinach Salad And Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Fingers 10 of 10
    Use the last of your summer produce and combine it with a hearty bacon and chicken treat for a delicious meal.
    Make your own strawberry spinach salad and bacon-wrapped chicken fingers
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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