10 Valentine’s Day School Lunch Ideas

Looking for ideas to put in your child’s school lunch on Valentine’s Day? You’ve come to the right place.

My kids bring their lunch to school nearly every day, so on holidays I always compete with the school lunch offered by school, which often includes a cookie or a piece of cake and, more often than not, pizza. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Luckily, there are so many crazy cool things that will earn you points with the kids for sending school lunch that way that you wouldn’t even believe it. Cold lunch on Valentine’s Day has never been so much fun!

  • Candy Box Lunch 1 of 10
    Candy Box Lunch
    I'm going to start big. This is where you win the hearts of every child in the school. You sent lunch in a giant heart-shaped candy box. Bonus: Someone has to eat all those chocolates first.
    Candy box lunch via Katherine Marie Photography
  • Heart-shaped, Hard-boiled Eggs 2 of 10
    Heart-shaped, Hard-boiled Eggs
    Not just any hard boiled egg, a heart-shaped one. Love is in the air, and it started with the egg ... or was it the chicken?
    Heart-shaped, hard-boiled eggs via Serious Eats
  • Heart-Shaped Cupcake Tin Lunch 3 of 10
    Heart-Shaped Cupcake Tin Lunch
    Carrots, cucumbers, cheese pieces and more all become a heart-shaped lunch.
    Heart-shaped lunch via Bento Lunch
  • Puppy Love 4 of 10
    Puppy Love
    Cute and creative, a piece of linguine holds Cupid's arrow straight through the heart of your little son or daughter.
    Puppy love via Family Fun
  • Berry Cute Snacks 5 of 10
    Berry Cute Snacks
    Oh, the cuteness factor here is just through the roof. So easy to execute with a few pantry ingredients, and good for you, too. Wouldn't these look adorable in the candy box lunch?
    Berry cute mice snacks via Bent On Better Lunches
  • Breakfast as Lunch 6 of 10
    Breakfast as Lunch
    Breakfast for Lunch is always a favorite, and it makes it easy to create heart shapes and a sweet eats theme with melon pieces and pink yogurt rounding out the lunch. Bonus: 2 more ideas in this post.
    Valentine's lunches via Lisa Storms
  • Cutout Sprinkle Sandwiches 7 of 10
    Cutout Sprinkle Sandwiches
    A cookie cutter creates a window into the sandwich. Chocolate sprinkles on almond butter would be my choice for this fun sandwich treat.
    Sprinkle sandwiches via Ohhh Mhhh
  • Mixed Berry Mini Muffins 8 of 10
    Mixed Berry Mini Muffins
    Sweet little muffins are the perfect snack to pack this Tuesday.
    Make mixed berry mini muffins
  • Pink Parade 9 of 10
    Pink Parade
    Pink and red are popular colors, and making a lunch that is entirely pink and red for Valentine's Day means plenty of tomatoes, strawberry yogurt ... or just a few bananas dipped in sprinkles.
    Pink parade lunch via Steph and Randy
  • Raspberry Buttons 10 of 10
    Raspberry Buttons
    These would be a cute addition to any of these lunch ideas, and they're incredibly easy to execute.
    Make raspberry buttons

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