10 Ways Pinterest Makes Leftovers the Best Part of Thanksgiving

Most of us are pretty set for Thanksgiving at this point, aprons firmly tied and hands thoroughly floured as we set to the business of filling our homes with the comforting smells of holiday cooking.

And each year, we make way too much food, especially those of us who can still fit everyone who comes over around one dining room table (without adding any extra chairs.)

But maybe we secretly do it on purpose … for one reason and one reason only: leftovers.

There’s something that feels decadent and relieving about having dinner perpetually taken care of until Christmas. But, as much as we love giving thanks for our bounty over and over again, there’s only so many times microwaving and serving the same old staples can happen before the children start demanding deep-dish pizza and Chinese food, and you’re only too happy to throw in the dish towel and call for delivery.

So why not make things a little more “Pinterest-ing” for your little foodies — and yourself — before that even happens?

Search “Thanksgiving leftovers” on Pinterest, and an entire cornucopia of awesome pops up, just waiting for you to prep and serve. I know, because I’ve been re-pinning yummy-looking things. Repeatedly. But, if you’re anything like me, those recipes never make it from tablet to table because of printing.

Our old printer is in the basement and is a pain to get up and running since it requires devices to be plugged into it individually. And, no, I can never find the cords.

Then there’s mobile printing, perfect for people who want to do a little pinning over their pumpkin pie. Simply print pins from your smartphone or tablet right to a wireless HP printer and boom, you’re as golden as that turkey you pulled out of the oven on the big day.

Getting excited? And maybe even a little hungry? Consider this an appetizer of awesomesauce — 10 pins/recipes just waiting to be printed that will definitely take your Thanksgiving leftovers to the next level of OMG-NO-WAY:

1. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese

Tangy cranberries and moist turkey merge with gooey cheese in what is quite possibly one of the most genius ideas for leftovers ever.

(via Ring Finger Tan Line)

2. Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Biscuits

Now maybe I’m among the uninitiated few who didn’t realize turkey and mashed potatoes could become biscuity bites of breakfast awesome, but I assure you, that will be remedied … with this.

(via How Sweet It Is)

3. Turkey Holiday Hash

Putting a fried egg on top of pretty much anything guarantees nosh nirvana. Just the idea of throwing stuffing, turkey, copious amounts of gravy, and butter into one skillet feels like heaven. This is the ultimate comfort food.

(via Boulder Locavore)

4. Mashed Potato Puffs

Cheesy potatoey goodness — there’s really nothing else to say. Mainly because my mouth is going to be full of these. Crispy on the outside and filled with creamy mashed goodness on the inside, this option is definitely way better than reheating leftover mash over and over again in the microwave.

(via The Kitchn)

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich with a Moist Maker

We’ll always love you and your ’90s nonsense, Ross Gellar. But what we love even more than your emo personality and over-gelled hair is your turkey sandwich, heralded as the most delicious Thanksgiving leftover concoction ever. Because of the the “moist maker” — an extra slice of bread soaked in gravy that sets the bar so high we can’t even see it anymore. But it doesn’t matter, because GELLAR SANDWICH.

(via Spoon Fork Bacon)

6.Day-After-Thanksgiving Turkey and Dumplings

Because at some point, you just have to have a cozy-warm stew.

(via Parents)

7.Barbecue Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

Time to get Southern, y’all. Smoky barbecue sauce coupled with cool, creamy slaw … the drool just won’t quit.

(via Bon Appetit)

8.Thanksgiving Balls

What’s a Thanksgiving ball? A golden, fried sphere of stuffing-and-mashed-potato goodness that will make your mouth fall in mad, mad love. And there’s cranberry dipping sauce, too. Make these immediately. Don’t even wait until Thanksgiving is over. Trust me.

(via Fortune Goodies)

9.Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

Your entire Thanksgiving dinner plate morphed into piping-hot pizza. Somewhere the food gods are smiling.

(via Serious Eats)

10.Thanksgiving Leftovers Torta

A stack of your Thanksgiving spread wrapped in doughy, delicious crust? GIMME.

(via Artisan Bread in Five)

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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