10 Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

The alarm is going off, and on any other day, you’d reach over to your nightstand and hit snooze. Because, well, that’s what you do when you have to lob yourself out of a goodnight’s rest and into the perils of an ordinary morning. But, today isn’t any other day. No, today you’re going to jump out of bed because you’ve got magic waiting for you downstairs. You’ve got 10 different CHOCOLATE recipes that you can actually eat for breakfast. Naturally, you feel to rush yourself right down to the breakfast table. Good thinking. Very good thinking.

  • Chocolate Waffles 1 of 10
    Chocolate Waffles
    Chocolate Waffles are pretty much the bomb diggity. Top them with marshmallows and a sweet vanilla syrup, and you've got a treat so good, it will get you right out of bed in the morning.
  • Chocolate Breakfast Gravy 2 of 10
    Chocolate Breakfast Gravy
    Chocolate Breakfast Gravy . It's a real thing. Really good, that is.
  • Chocolate Granola 3 of 10
    Chocolate Granola
    If you like a bowl of cereal to kick off your morning, you've got to try this Chocolate Granola! It's crunchy, decadent, and pretty dang good for you, all in one bowl!!
  • Chocolate Croissants 4 of 10
    Chocolate Croissants
    Isn't it high time you start your day off with Chocolate Croissants? Buttery, flaky goodness covered in chocolate. There's not a better way to get you out of bed!
  • Chocolate Bread 5 of 10
    Chocolate Bread
    Chocolate Bread is a simple way to turn your breakfast into a total treat. Speckled with little bits of chocolate chips, this bread packs a flavor punch, without being overly sweet.
  • Chocolate Oatmeal 6 of 10
    Chocolate Oatmeal
    That boring old bowl of oatmeal? It's actually a chocolate masterpiece waiting to happen.Chocolate Oatmeal is easy, and so tasty when topped with sliced bananas!
  • Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie 7 of 10
    Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie
    Go the healthy route and toss carob into your breakfast smoothie. Or, if you're us, you'll substitute in a bit of the real stuff. Because the real stuff is way better in a Chocolate Smoothie
  • Chocolate Breakfast Muffins 8 of 10
    Chocolate Breakfast Muffins
    Chocolate Muffins are a soft, sweet way to welcome just about any morning. This recipe is a favorite.
  • Chocolate Poptarts 9 of 10
    Chocolate Poptarts
    You'll bake these in the oven, rather than a toaster, but there's no way you can't help but fall in love with Chocolate Poptarts
  • Chocolate-Drizzled Crepes 10 of 10
    Chocolate-Drizzled Crepes
    Try these simple Chocolate Breakfast Crepes and get your fill of chocolate without adding too many calories to your morning meal.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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