10 Ways to Eat Ramen All Day

We once had a Korean exchange student that would–and I am not kidding here, this is real stuff–crawl out of bed five minute before his high school class began, start up a pack of ramen while wearing his slippers, then proceed to slurp it (quite loudly despite our gentle reminders that such is not a kosher habit in the USA) then tell me I was going to take him to school because he wasn’t supposed to be late. That there relationship didn’t last long at all. But, our families appreciation for ramen remained. ¬†While watching our student slurp noodles from morning to night, I started realizing how many options there are for serving those 15-cent packs of noodles from breakfast to dinner.

Do you love ramen as much as we do? Here are ten fun, new ways to enjoy it. Then leave a comment! We’d love to hear your favorite take on the stuff!

  • Pizza Ramen 1 of 10
    Pizza Ramen
    Why not top those classic noodles with pepperoni and cheese?
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  • Gourmet Ramen Soup 2 of 10
    Gourmet Ramen Soup
    Try turning a package of ramen into this gorgeous soup.
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  • Pan Fried Ramen 3 of 10
    Pan Fried Ramen
    A quick sizzle in a hot wok makes this incredible ramen recipe a snap.
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  • Ramen Spaghetti 4 of 10
    Ramen Spaghetti
    Bring a bit of Italy to the Orient.
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  • Ramen Caesar Salad 5 of 10
    Ramen Caesar Salad
    Ramen noodles add surprising substance to this classic salad.
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  • Ramen Fried Ramen 6 of 10
    Ramen Fried Ramen
    Fresh veggies and ramen noodles may even be better (and a heck of a lot cheaper) than your weekly Chinese takeout.
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  • Ramen Coleslaw 7 of 10
    Ramen Coleslaw
    Cabbage and a fresh vinaigrette turn a package of ramen into a delicious coleslaw salad.
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  • Ultra Cheesy Ramen 8 of 10
    Ultra Cheesy Ramen
    Cheese whiz. Then cheese. Then more cheese. Really, this recipe is the ultimate.
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  • Bacon & Egg Breakfast Ramen 9 of 10
    Bacon & Egg Breakfast Ramen
    Inspired by Washingtoniette's blog, try tossing a few scrambled eggs and crispy bacon pieces on top of your favorite bowl of ramen for a morning starter.
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  • Ramen Stir Fry 10 of 10
    Ramen Stir Fry
    This ramen stirfry is a simple meal kids will love!
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