10 Ways to Get Your Grill On: Steaks

Hello, grilling season. One of my favorite times of year is when the weather is nice enough to cook and then dine outside. The house stays (relatively) clean, and dinner seems to be suddenly about so much more than just nourishing our bodies.

Grilling is a great way to get outside and take care of the things that need to be taken care of, let the kids run in the grass, have friends over, whatever, and with Memorial Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought you might need a bit of a grill brainstorm. Here are 10 steak recipes to get you started on planning those grilling menus. Check back, because ‘ll be following with recipes for pork, chicken, and vegetables on the grill as well!

  • The Basic 1 of 10
    The Basic
    Basic is best. Here's how to cook a steak. It's as simple as this, and there's no pomp and circumstance involved…but I won't judge if you bring gorgonzola butter.
    Make Grilled Steak
  • Buttered 2 of 10
    Take a good steak and make it pop with a few homemade condiments. Put down the A1 sauce, and instead go with a few bourbon caramelized onions and a blue cheese compound butter to serve with that piece of meat.
    Make Blue Cheese Buttered Steak with Bourbon Caramelized Onions via Food for My Family
  • Bacon-Wrapped 3 of 10
    No steak list would be complete without a mention of these bacon-wrapped beauties. Steak and bacon are meant to go together. They seek each other out and demand to be included in the mix.
    Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloins via Food for My Family
  • Fajitas 4 of 10
    Throw a few onions and peppers up next to your steak and then stuff them together into a flour tortilla for a steak fajita feast from the grill.
    Steak Fajitas
  • Herbed and Zested 5 of 10
    Herbed and Zested
    Forget the butters and the heavy sauce, this steak is lightly grilled and then topped with a fresh parsley and orange zest gremolata, giving a completely new feel to a steak dinner.
    Make Cold-Grilled Steak with Gremolata via The Bitten Word
  • Bloody 6 of 10
    A bloody mary cocktail lends itself well to steak marinades, giving the meat a fresh, tomato taste, complete with celery salt, horseradish and all your bloody mary fixings.
    Make Bloody Mary Grilled Steaks
  • On-a-Stick 7 of 10
    Putting steak on a stick is an obvious choice, and these steak bites are marinated before hitting the skewer. Grilled and served on the same stick, they're great for picnics or places where using a knife to cut your steak may be difficult.
    Make Grilled Soy Tenderloin Kebabs via Food for My Family
  • As a Meal 8 of 10
    As a Meal
    Why stop at steak? Get all your sides and even dessert and grill those, too! This is a great camping meal, with only 10 ingredients, and everything is prepared on the grates of your grill.
    Make A Complete Grilled Steak Dinner
  • Asian Style 9 of 10
    Asian Style
    Not your average steak cut, this one requires a bit of a marinade, but it's worth the time letting it soak. A ginger-based marinade and brown sugar will give this steak a sweet flavor.
    Make Grilled Asian Skirt Steak
  • Thai Spice 10 of 10
    Thai Spice
    Slightly spicy from the sriracha addition, this steak is cooked medium and thinly sliced. Big and little mouths alike gobbled this up without a sound, just appreciating the juicy steak and brilliant flavors that the curry brought to the table.
    Make Thai Red Curry Flank Steak

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