10 Ways to Serve a Vanilla Cupcake

We are big fans of a good vanilla cupcake around these parts. However, sometimes we want to change it up and make our cupcake a little fancier. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to bake a much more complicated recipe, it just means I want to add a little something extra to the one I already have. That is when I turn to my stash of ways to “doctor” up a cupcake. Sometimes it means stuffing it with some cookie dough. Other times it means adding chocolate chips or some kind of amazing frosting. Whatever the way, here are ten ways to doctor up and serve a delicious vanilla cupcake in your house this year!

  • 10 Ways to Serve a Vanilla Cupcake 1 of 12
    Ten different ways you can make vanilla cupcakes to suit your tastes!
  • Dress Them Up 2 of 12
    Dress them up like your favorite game character! Kids will go crazy for these Angry Birds.
    Make Angry Birds cupcakes
    Photo: Angie McGowan
  • Add a Swirl of Nutella 3 of 12
    Add a swirl of nutella to your favorite cupcake recipe and enjoy these delicious self frosting nutella cupcakes!
    Make Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Top them with Marshmallows 4 of 12
    Replace frosting with marshmallows and broil! Voila - your favorite vanilla cupcake now tastes like your favorite campfire treat!
    Make s'more cupcakes
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Coat them in Sprinkles! 5 of 12
    These amazing sprinkle dip vanilla cupcakes are SUPER festive. They would be perfect for a birthday party or any special occasion!
    Make sprinkle dip cupcakes
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Make them Mini 6 of 12
    Sometimes you don't want a giant cupcake, just a mini version. Here you can make awesome mini cupcakes in just twenty minutes!
    Make mini vanilla cupcakes
    Photo: Jaime
  • Add Fruit Flavor 7 of 12
    Did you know simple fruit juice and zest and change the flavor of a vanilla cupcake in no time? Make these awesome caramel apple cupcakes by starting your basic vanilla cupcake mix!
    Make caramel apple cupcakes
    Photo: Jennifer Leal
  • vanilla-cupcakes1_0 8 of 12
    Pumpkin adds as a wonderful sweet flavor to hummus.To give it a great presentation serve it in hollowed out pumpkin with seeds on top for crunch.
    Make pumpkin hummus
    Photo: Angie McGowan
  • Just Like Your Favorite Bakery 9 of 12
    Sometimes it is super fun to make a vanilla cupcake just like the one at your favorite bakery!
    Make the Crumbs Bakery vanilla cupcake
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Go Old-Fashioned 10 of 12
    These awesome old-fashioned vanilla cupcakes employ old baking techniques that make them extra soft and buttery. Have fun honing your baking skills AND enjoying dessert.
    Make old-fashioned vanilla cupcakes
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Just Make Two 11 of 12
    Sometimes you only need two cupcakes anyway. Why make more?
    Make two vanilla cupcakes
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Dress Up for the Holidays! 12 of 12
    When the holidays are upon us why not dress up your cupcake to go with it? These awesome green cupcakes are perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
    Make St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

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