10 Ways to Serve Artichokes

Remember that post on how to prepare a kid-friendly artichoke? Well, now that you know how to make an artichoke safe for your little ones, it’s time to find some delicious and fun ways to cook them. Keep reading for 10 varieties of serving up this special veggie…

  • Sautéed Artichokes 1 of 11
    This recipes looks beyond easy and all the hard work is done when using frozen artichoke hearts.
    Get the recipe for sautéed artichokes at Every Day With Rachael Ray
  • Grilled Artichokes 2 of 11
    Fresh baby artichokes only take 6 minutes to boil in this recipe, then you finish then off over the grill. Save this one for warm weather grilling.
    Get the recipe for grilled artichokes at Stephen Cooks
  • Lemon Garlic Artichoke 3 of 11
    This recipe has the standard lemon and garlic (which is perfectly paired with an artichoke), but it also has a bay leaf tossed into the water.
    Get the recipe for lemon garlic artichoke at Eliza Domestica
  • Grilled Artichoke With Raw Tomato Compote 4 of 11
    The raw tomato compote is similar to a bruschetta recipe. Can you imagine, bruschetta on an artichoke? Yum!
    Get the recipe for grilled artichoke with raw tomato compote at Whole Living
  • Lemon Braised Artichoke 5 of 11
    This is a must try recipe. The artichokes are braised with all kinds of herbs and onions too.
    Get the recipe for lemon braised artichoke at My Recipes
  • Stewed Baby Artichokes With Fava Beans 6 of 11
    I've got a bag of frozen plain baby artichokes (or artichoke hearts) that will work perfectly with this recipes. Also, love the lava bean addition for some protein in my veggies.
    Get the recipe for stewed baby artichokes with fava beans at Whole Living
  • Steamed Artichokes 7 of 11
    This is very similar to the kid friendly version I make, but they add lemon peel to the steamer basket - great idea, trying this next time.
    Get the recipe for steamed artichokes at Whole Living
  • Lemony Broiled Artichokes 8 of 11
    I have made this recipe many times, love that they are steamed then broiled. And the sauce, lemony mustardy goodness for sure!
    Get the recipe for lemony broiled artichokes at Cooking With My Kid
  • Whole Artichokes: The Unexpected Family Dinner Favorite 9 of 11
    Here's a how to for grilled, roasted, stuffed and steamed. Gotcha covered.
    Make your own whole artichokes: the unexpected family dinner favorite
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Stuffed Artichokes 10 of 11
    I'll admit, I've never had a stuffed artichoke, at least not that I can remember, I'm always in too big a hurry to just eat the artichoke as is. This recipe makes me want to give it a try.
    Make your own stuffed artichokes
  • How To Cook And Serve Kid Friendly Artichokes 11 of 11
    How could I not include my recipe for making kid friendly artichokes?!
    Make your own kid friendly artichokes

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