10 Ways To Try Fennel

I try to take advantage of what’s in season and right now I’ve been getting fennel bulbs in my farmer’s market basket. We are big fans of just roasting this veggie, but I thought I would branch out and look for some unexpected variations. I had no idea what you can do with bulb of fennel, from stuffing it to turning it into soup. Keep ready for more inspiring recipes…

  • Crispy Potatoes With Fennel 1 of 9
    I love the idea of pairing potatoes with fennel. If you make this recipe make sure to toss the potatoes and fennel in olive oil and seasonings before layering.
    Get the recipe for crispy potatoes with fennel at my recipes
  • Fennel Slaw With Mint Vinaigrette 2 of 9
    Mint and fennel together as one?! I am making this tonight.
    Get the recipe for fennel slaw with mint vinaigrette at Simply Recipes
  • Warm Beef and Shaved Fennel Salad 3 of 9
    Did I speak too soon? Maybe I should make this. Gah, they all look so good we are going to have fennel for 2 weeks straight.
    Get the recipe for warm beef and shaved fennel salad at No Reipes
  • Fennel and Leek Gratin With Feta 4 of 9
    Gratins are delicious and I've never tried one with fennel and feta.
    Get the recipe for fennel and leek gratin with feta at NY Times
  • Celery Fennel Soup 5 of 9
    I love the idea of fennel in a soup, this would be perfect on a cold night...like tonight.
    Get the recipe for celery fennel soup at NY Times
  • Roasted Fennel Stuffed With White Beans and Chestnuts 6 of 9
    Coolest recipe yet! I've never thought to stuff a fennel bulb.
    Get the recipe for roasted fennel stuffed with white beans and chestnuts at The Daily Green
  • Fennel With Rot Vegetables and Pork 7 of 9
    This is a classic family recipe in my house.
    Make your own fennel with root vegetables and pork
  • Fennel Orange Salad 8 of 9
    Fennel and orange are the perfect flavor pairing.
    Make your own fennel orange salad
  • Fennel and Kohlrabi Salad 9 of 9
    A beautiful and fresh salad, perfect for spring.
    Make your own fennel and kohlrabi salad

Roasted Fennel with Balsamic Recipe

2 large bulbs of fennel cut into eighths.

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brush the fennel with olive oil until coated. Lightly brush with balsamic vinegar. PLace in the oven and cook for 25-30 minutes or until it begins to caramelize. Serves 6.

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