10 Ways to Use a Vanilla Bean

Whole vanilla beans are incredibly potent. They add big bold vanilla flavor to even the most decadent desserts. If you’re a vanilla enthusiast whole beans are the way to go.  We’ve put together 10 tasty recipes that make use of whole vanilla beans. Once you’re done scraping out the vanilla goodness, don’t toss the beans! TIP: let it dry out and then place it in your sugar container to add a subtle vanilla flavor and aroma. Vanilla flavored sugars are expensive and now you can make them yourself with no extra trouble ; ) Grab your beans and follow the jump for all the vanilla-licious recipes!

  • Vanilla Bean Waffles 1 of 10
    Vanilla Bean Waffles
    This recipe uses vanilla beans in the waffle and the syrup. Simply add the pod to the syrup while heating to get that extra vanilla flavor!
    Make vanilla bean waffles
  • Vanilla Bean Parfaits 2 of 10
    Vanilla  Bean Parfaits
    These parfaits use Starbucks vanilla bean ice cream as their base. 10 minutes is all you need to pull this delicious dessert together.
    Make vanilla bean parfaits
  • French Toast with Vanilla Bean 3 of 10
    French Toast with Vanilla  Bean
    Real vanilla beans pair beautifully with lemon zest in this french toast mixture. The French toast is airy and silky with a pudding like consistency. Pudding for breakfast? Yes, please.
    Make french toast with vanilla bean
  • Tahitian Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup 4 of 10
    Tahitian Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup
    Drizzle this syrup over ice cream or cheesecake for a great dessert! Or stir into pitchers to flavor punches!
    Make Tahitian vanilla bean simple syrup
  • Vanilla Bean Frosting 5 of 10
    Vanilla Bean Frosting
    Once you've tried real vanilla bean frosting you might not ever go back to regular frosting. Try Kathy's vegan version for yourself.
    Make vanilla bean frosting
  • Vanilla Bean Strawberry Jam 6 of 10
    Vanilla Bean Strawberry Jam
    This is a simple jam recipe that won't take all afternoon to prepare and it's made in small batches. Win, win.
    Make vanilla bean strawberry jam
  • Vanilla Bean Iced Scones 7 of 10
    Vanilla Bean Iced  Scones
    Addicted to Starbucks scones? Well this petite mini vanilla bean iced scone is a copycat recipe that will keep your tummy happy and your car in the driveway.
    Make vanilla bean iced scones
  • Vanilla Glazed Pumpkin Pie Tarts 8 of 10
    Vanilla Glazed Pumpkin Pie Tarts
    Pumpkin Pie Pockets with homemade cinnamon pie crust and vanilla bean glaze are perfect all year long. Shape them into hearts, clovers, etc. to customize them for special events!
    Make vanilla glazed pumpkin pie tarts
  • Vanilla Pudding 9 of 10
    Vanilla Pudding
    A simple creamy dreamy vanilla pudding recipe that the entire family is sure to love.
    Make vanilla pudding
  • Homemade Vanilla Extract 10 of 10
    Homemade Vanilla Extract
    A few ingredients and a little time are all you need to make vanilla extract at home. Once you've made your own you might not ever want to buy it again!
    Make homemade vanilla extract

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