10 Ways to Use Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are the love child of mandarin and lemon. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and tart. If you love that flavor combination you’ll love Meyer lemons. They happen to be in season at the moment and to tempt your taste buds we’ve compiled 10 recipes that incorporate these marvelous Meyer lemons. From breakfast, to dinner all the way to dessert we have you covered. Go ahead and grab a few Meyer lemons from the market and follow the jump for all the luscious lemony recipes!

  • Meyer Lemon Pancakes 1 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Pancakes
    If you're looking for a way to add zing to your pancakes try these Meyer lemon pancakes. With just enough sweetness to balance the tartness they're sure to please even the pickiest eater at your table.
    Make Meyer lemon pancakes
  • Meyer Lemon Bread Pudding 2 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Bread Pudding
    Meyer lemons bring a complexity to this classic comfort dish. Airy, creamy and oh so lightly sweet, this is a great make-ahead dessert option for any meal.
    Make Meyer lemon bread pudding
  • Meyer Lemon Sables 3 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Sables
    If you like pecan sandies you'll like these Meyer lemon sables. They're a crumbly and golden treat.
    Make Meyer lemon sables
  • Meyer Lemon Almond Cake 4 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Almond Cake
    A thick and moist, but not too dense cake that hits all the right notes with the lemony almond flavor combination. You won't be sorry you tried this one.
    Make Meyer lemon almond cake
  • Meyer Lemon Pasta 5 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Pasta
    Meyer lemon juice brightens up an arugula based pesto to make a scrumptious sauce to sit a top your favorite pasta.
    Make Meyer lemon pasta
  • Meyer Lemon Laker Cake 6 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Laker Cake
    This cake is just as delicious as it is beautiful. Whole wheat pastry flour and cornmeal make a fabulous crumb then it's topped off with a pale butter cream frosting and garnished with Meyer lemon slices. Where's my fork?
    Make Meyer lemon layer cake
  • Meyer Lemon Relish 7 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Relish
    A super simple weeknight meal that looks fussier than it is. Panko gives the light flavored Tilapia a big crunch while the Meyer lemon relish brings it all together.
    Make tilapia with Meyer lemon relish
  • Meyer Lemon Cheesecake Pie 8 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Cheesecake Pie
    Looking for a lightened up dessert? Try these skinny mini Meyer lemon cheesecake pies. I bet no one will even notice you made with good for you ingredients!
    Make Meyer lemon cheesecake pie
  • Meyer Lemon Curd 9 of 10
    Meyer Lemon Curd
    What do you do with Meyer lemon curd? What can't you do with it is the question. You can: swirl it into yogurt, drizzle it on pancakes, fill crepes with it, spread it on toast, bake it in a tart, roll it in sweet bread dough and that's just for starters.
    Make Meyer lemon curd
  • Meyer Lemons Preserved 10 of 10
    Meyer Lemons Preserved
    Now that you're hooked on Meyer lemons what do you do when you want them when they're not in season? You break out the preserved lemons. They're a great way to bring brightness and intensity of flavor to dishes all year long. Use them in any dish where you would use lemon. You'll love having a jar or two of these handy.
    Make preserved Meyer lemons
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