10 Wedding Cakes for Inspiration

Summer is wedding season. With wedding invites and friends planning theirs for next year, I wanted to share a few I saw that I found inspiring. I personally never had a wedding cake, opting instead for kegs of root beer and giant ice cream pails to serve root beer floats to guests, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enamored with the massive cakes and the thought of putting together a stylish and unique wedding. Our friends Matt and Jen had one of my favorites, mostly because it was so perfectly done as a reflection of who they are as a couple.

So, whether you’re pretending, planning or just looking to get inspiration for a friend, here are 10 wedding cake ideas to ponder as you go.

  • Faded Ruffle Wedding Cake 1 of 10
    I love the slow fading that is incorporated with the ruffles on this two-tiered cake. This would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. From Maggie Austin.
  • Orange Hydrangea Wedding Cake 2 of 10
    Soft hydrangeas grace each layer of this four-tiered wedding cake, each layer with a brighter orange than the last. The attention to detail here is courtesy of Superfine Bakery in Los Angeles.
  • Cake for an ’80s-Themed Wedding 3 of 10
    Stuck in the '80s? Want to dance the night away to hits from that famous decade filled with Beastie Boys, Madonna and Duran Duran? This is the cake for you. Found on Pinterest.
  • The Royal Wedding Cake for Will and Kate 4 of 10
    We all tuned in for the nuptials, and many have taken their style tips from the new Duchess's wardrobe, so looking to her elegant but not overdone wedding cake for inspiration only makes sense. Cake by Fiona Cairns
  • Graffiti Wedding Cake 5 of 10
    What's more personal than a cake with words that all carry a special meaning to you and the bride and groom's silhouettes right on the cake? From My Sweet and Saucy.
  • Bundt Wedding Cake Tiers 6 of 10
    Such a cute presentation. I can see this cake at a backyard wedding or one out in a field. Found on The Hostess Blog, originally from Martha Stewart Weddings.
  • Bakerella’s Wedding Cake Pops 7 of 10
    Originally used to propose through Bakerella's blog (fun!), these wedding cake pops would be a cute idea for a less traditional approach to cake, but still remaining within the cake theme. No plates or silverware required. Courtesy of Bakerella.
  • French Macaron Wedding Cake 8 of 10
    Build a cake out of cookies for a unique spin, especially when you use the ever trendy and delightful French macarons to build it from. Found on Miss Pandora.
  • Whimsical Bees Wedding Cake 9 of 10
    I love how the stately squares are contrasted by the fluttering line of bees that flows up the cake and the dainty flowers. From Maggie Austin.
  • Wedding Cake Cookies 10 of 10
    Not a fan of cake? Forget the cake and opt for wedding-cake-shaped cookies instead. These would also make a wonderful table favor for guests to take home. From Mad Baker.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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