10 Worst Food Trends of 2011 (plus a bonus)

What’s the most irritating food trend you couldn’t escape this year? Maybe it made my list. Check it after the jump…

  • Cake Pops 1 of 11
    Cake Pops
    Wanna know why they are so sweet? It's because most cake pops are not just cake, they are cake that is crushed and smooshed and combined with an entire tub of frosting, then molded into a ball and covered in another sweet layer. Ga-ross.
    For proof of the cake/frosting smoosh see That's it Mommy
  • Eating Fish Whose Population is Drastically Declining 2 of 11
    Eating Fish Whose Population is Drastically Declining
    You better not be ordering Bluefin Tuna, Orange Roughy, or Chilean Seabass. The world is running out. Shame on you fancy chefs.
    See what you should not eat at Kevin Eats
  • Truffle Oil 3 of 11
    Truffle Oil
    It's not real truffle people. It's olive oil with some weird fake crap mixed in (or infused to make it sound fancy schmancy).
    See what you should not buy at Classy Living
  • ‘Natural’ Food Labels 4 of 11
    'Natural' Food Labels
    Please don't tell me you are falling for the ‘natural' food labels. They are on Cheeto's for crying out loud. BTW, did you know that lard is natural?
    Check out some ‘natural' cheeto's at The Vitamin M
  • Food Trucks 5 of 11
    Food Trucks
    I don't hate food trucks, I just find it irritating that if I want to try one of their goods I have to search for it and follow on twitter. Hello, I've got 2 kids and a life.
    Read all about a food truck hater on Bon Appetit
  • Molecular Food 6 of 11
    Molecular Food
    Hold the foam and freaky shapes and just give me some normal food please.
    See more molecular food at Wal You
  • Baconification 7 of 11
    All things should not be bacon. I would like REAL roses and some bacon strips with my eggs.
    If you really want bacon roses, then go to Instructables
  • Gluten Free Just Because It’s Cool 8 of 11
    Gluten Free Just Because It's Cool
    Going GF is a total PAIN. Why would anyone do this for anything other than medical reasons? GF is not a trend people, for some it's a life saver.
    Learn about going GF from Gluten Free Living
  • Truffle, Truffle, Everything Truffle 9 of 11
    Truffle, Truffle, Everything Truffle
    I made the mistake of eating at a designer burger joint and just wanting burger. Here's what I got, truffle in my burger, truffle on my fries and truffle in my ketchup. Stop it with the truffle, I'm begging.
    See all things truffle at Truffled Delights
  • Paula Dean Recipes 10 of 11
    Paula Dean Recipes
    Paul seems very sweet and loving, but her recipes will leave your arteries in need of stents and you pants in need of an extra panel.
    Get this gut busting recipe from Food Network
  • Cake in a Jar – The Bonus 11 of 11
    Cake in a Jar - The Bonus
    Yes it's a top trend, but look at this. How on earth is one supposed to eat this? And four marshmallows! I dare you to feed this to your child…or maybe your frenemies' child.
    If you must make this then go to How Sweet It Is

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