11 (Beautiful) Ways to Eat a Blood Orange

My children have a certain fascination with blood oranges. They beg for them whenever we walk into the grocery store, and anxiously await a piece of peeled, mild, citrus when we get home. Who can blame them? Blood oranges are that mystical twin to the plain-old navel orange. Artistic in their rinds, vibrantly crisp in their insides. If you’re like our family, and will eat them any way you can get them, you’ll love these 11 gorgeous recipes for blood oranges…from salads to desserts and everything in between!

  • Enjoy the Beauty of Blood Oranges 1 of 12
    As stunning to bite into as they are to bake with, here are 11 recipes that feature blood oranges.
  • Blood Orange Marmalade 2 of 12
    Try making marmalade from your blood oranges for a beautiful, sparkling spread!
    Click for the recipe for Blood Orange Marmalade
  • Blood Orange Creamscicles 3 of 12
    If you like creamscicles, you'll love these beautiful Blood Orange Creamscicles, which taste as good at they look!
    Click for the recipe for Blood Orange Creamscicles
  • Blood Orange Wacky Cake 4 of 12
    This Wacky Cakes is far from silly. It's too pretty to be anything but splendid!
    Click for the recipe for Blood Orange Wacky Cake
  • Blood Orange French Toast 5 of 12
    Grab a skillet and start cooking this citrusy french toast!
    Click for the recipe for Blood Orange French Toast
  • Aooke & Blood Orange Buckle 6 of 12
    If you like apple crumble, just wait until you try it with the zesty addition of blood oranges!
    Click for the recipe for Apple and Blood Orange Buckle
  • Blood Orange Salad 7 of 12
    This beautiful salad is full of the flavors of beets , blood oranges, and spicy fennel.
    Click for the recipe for Blood Orange Salad
  • Rustic Citrus Tart 8 of 12
    This beautiful Rustic Citrus tart makes for a perfect brunch treat, or a stunning dessert for company!
    Click for the recipe from Bojon Gourmet
  • Blood Orange Endive Salad 9 of 12
    Create these three-bite Blood Orange and Endive salads as a splendid appetizer for your next party!
    Click for the recipe from Angies Recipes
  • Blood Orange Pie 10 of 12
    Try tossing together this simple blood orange tart for a bright, sunny twist on dessert!
    Click for the recipe from We Are Not Martha
  • Blood Orange Pavlovas 11 of 12
    Whip up meringue and turn it into these beautiful mini Blood Orange Curd Pavlovas.
    Click for the recipe from Running Blonde
  • Blood Orange Sorbet 12 of 12
    This simple recipe features blood oranges in the most beautiful of ways.
    Click for the recipe from Feasting At Home

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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