15 Delicious Recipes Using Dried Beans

Dried beans are an excellent staple to keep in your pantry. They are low cost and can keep for ages and can be cooked alone or in so many other dishes that are healthy, hearty, and so comforting any time of year. They are so easy to cook, yet take a little time — but oh, it is so worth every minute. Soups, salsa, and beans with meats like ham and chicken are just a few dishes that you can make with dried beans.

Growing up, one of my granddaddy’s and my daddy’s favorite meals was pinto beans, cole slaw, and cornbread with a big glass of sweet tea. To tell the truth, it was one of mine, too, and still is. My grandmother would soak hers overnight and then cook them all day on the stovetop. She would check throughout the day to make sure there was enough water so the beans wouldn’t burn. Using a slow cooker is so much easier than the way my grandmother cooked hers. I just set my slow cooker and don’t worry.

Check out these 15 delicious recipes my friends and I have made using dried beans and tell me which ones are your favorites, or tell me ones you have made that your family likes.


  • Cooking With Dried Beans 1 of 16

    Follow the links to a tutorial on how to cook dried beans and to these 15 delicious recipes made with dried beans.

  • How to Cook Dry Beans 2 of 16

    This article on how to cook dry beans is an excellent resource on preparation, cooking, and freezing dry beans. They are so inexpensive, nutritious as well as delicious, can be prepared in so many different ways, and can be stored for long periods of time. 

    Source:  Babble

  • Tandoori Sweet Potato Soup 3 of 16

    Tandoori sweet potato soup is made with dried red lentils, apple, sweet potatoes, and wonderful spices for a creamy, warming winter soup.

    Source:  Babble 

  • Vegan Black Bean Soup 4 of 16

    Vegan black bean soup is such a delicious dish on these cold mornings. Ingredients such as dried black beans, garlic, onions, peppers, chipotle chiles, and lime juice blend together just right. 

    Source:  Babble

  • Three Bean Soup with Ham Hock 5 of 16

    Three bean soup with ham hock is such a hearty and delicious soup made with three different dried beans: pinto, Great Northern, and flageolet.  The recipe even gives instructions on making the soup ahead, freezing it, and getting the kids involved. 

    Source:  Babble 

  • Baked Beans with Bacon and Beer 6 of 16

    For a delicious and inexpensive dish, use dried Great Northern beans to make these baked beans with bacon and beer. They are so much better than canned baked beans. 

    Source:  Babble 

  • French Lentil Soup with Bacon 7 of 16

    French lentil soup with bacon takes time for the dried lentils to soak and cook, but when combined with the carrots, thyme, onions. and bacon, it is so worth the time it took. 

    Source:  Simple Bites

  • White Bean and Kale Soup with Roasted Sausages and Tomatoes 8 of 16

    White bean and kale soup with roasted sausages and tomatoes is so full of delicious ingredients like dry white beans, kale, onions, garlic, thyme, chicken sausage, and tomatoes. 

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction

  • Black Bean Salsa 9 of 16

    Black bean salsa has an amazing recipe for cooking the black beans with lots of fresh herbs, garlic, onions, and vegetables. Once this is cooked, you then make the salsa with 3 different peppers, avocado, onion, corn, lime juice, and cilantro.  Wish I had some right now!

    Source:  Brown Eyed Baker

  • Slow Cooker Pinto Beans 10 of 16

    Pinto beans, soaked overnight, and cooked in slow cooker make a perfect supper with cornbread around my house. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice with Creole Seasoning 11 of 16

    Slow cooker red beans and rice with Creole seasoning made with dried red chile beans, spicy Creole seasoning, and cayenne is a meal in a bowl that your entire family will love. 

    Source:  Foodie with Family 

  • Homemade Refried Beans 12 of 16

    Homemade refried beans, made from dry pinto beans, are spicy with cayenne but also a little sweet with brown sugar to balance the heat.  

    Source:  Table for Two

  • Slow Cooker Black Eyed Peas 13 of 16

    Black eyed peas for supper sounds great to a Southern girl. Using a slow cooker makes it even easier so you can enjoy them more often. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch


  • Spicy Saucy Black Beans 14 of 16

    Spicy saucy black beans has some heat from the red pepper flakes and cayenne and is so delicious.  The beans were cooked using dried bean tutorial by Rebecca.

    Source:  Foodie with Family 

  • Slow Cooker Bacon Bourbon Baked Beans 15 of 16

    Slow cooker bacon bourbon baked beans, made with dry navy beans, molasses, apple cider vinegar, bourbon, bacon, ketchup, brown sugar, and onion, is so delicious.  You won't ever want to use canned beans again. 

    Source:  How Sweet It Is

  • Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chicken and Beans 16 of 16

    Slow cooker Tex Mex chicken and beans has the spiciness of salsa and red onion and smokiness of chipotle in adobo sauce.  Cook all this with the dried pinto beans and chicken thighs and you have a scrumptious one pot meal. 

    Source:  Recipe Girl

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